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Americans moving to Portugal: What you should know

Atualizado: 9 de dez. de 2023

What is life like in Portugal???...

The minute you set foot in Portugal, you can see why its popularity is growing so quickly with expats. Who doesn’t love the temperate climate, wide beaches, golf courses, and natural beauty throughout the country? Its cities and towns range from timeless, fairy-tale villages like Óbidos to the achingly hip neighborhoods of Lisbon. And, of course, there’s the genuinely friendly spirit of the Portuguese that makes it such a natural choice for anyone moving to Portugal.

Cost of living in Portugal vs USA...

One of the most appealing aspects to spending time in Portugal is its affordability. Whether it’s buying a coffee or the prato do día (menu of the day), or taking a train trip from Lisbon to Porto, you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised by the affordable prices.

Your food budget will be noticeably less if you don’t buy lots of expensive imported goods, and eat fresh produce from local markets and buy local wine (of which there are many great varieties).

You’ll also notice the affordability outside the major cities – a significant difference in costs – as Lisbon will always be more expensive than just about anywhere else in Portugal. Public transport options are also cheap and efficient.

Best communities for expats in Portugal...


Life in Lisbon itself might lend itself more to the young at heart. If you’re excited by the brimming schedule of city life, then Lisbon is a great option. The cost of living in Lisbon is, of course, among the highest in Portugal. However, these costs are still very reasonable in comparison to other capital cities around Europe.


A quick 30-minute drive from the Lisbon airport, the former fishing village of Cascais retains a sophisticated charm, with less hustle and bustle than Lisbon. Despite having more that 200,000 habitants, Cascais is still considered a village – and it retains much of that feel. In earlier years, Cascais was popular with royal families, who would visit the beaches every chance they got for a bit of warm sand and sunny weather.


Porto has always been a popular choice for Americans moving to Portugal, because of the blend of timeless character and modernity in this old fishing town. It’s a popular tourist spot and is the second largest city in Portugal – but it’s still a little less expensive than Lisbon, so it is a great option if you’re moving to Portugal.


The Algarve’s golden coast is a great place to consider if you’re moving to Portugal. With beautiful, unspoiled beaches and dramatic rocks along the shoreline, the Algarve region has been a haven for expats for generations.

Finding Accommodations in Portugal...

Rent or Buy???...

Your first decision is whether to rent or buy a home when moving to Portugal. While renting gives you flexibility and a landlord to rely on for repairs and updates, you’re not building equity in a rented property. Buying is an attractive alternative that can save you money in the long run, but finding and maintaining a property can be more than some expats want to deal with.

Overall, an investment in real estate is not only a pathway to residence, but a sound investment with a stable opportunity for financial growth.

How to find the right property in Portugal???...

Particularly if you don’t speak the language, we would advise using experts to ease the process of Portugal real estate purchases. It’s not an easy DIY project to go through, so you should seriously consider seeking independent legal advice in your home country and in Portugal, in addition to working with an experienced real estate agent.

Going it alone can be hard, so if possible, find a buyer’s real estate agent in Portugal. These aren’t as common as in the US, so try to get recommendations through friends.

How to get a mortgage in Portugal???...

Here are the basic steps to getting a mortgage in Portugal:

* Pre-Application. First, speak to a broker or complete an online form. They’ll let you know whether a mortgage approval is likely and what conditions might be possible. Assuming that goes well, you’ll get an actual mortgage quote, usually just a day or two after the initial assessment.

* Terms and Conditions. If the quote suits your needs, your broker will ask you to sign a terms and conditions sheet and pay a fee. Note that if your mortgage is declined, the fee is typically refunded.

* Mortgage Application. Your broker should assist you with this, and will submit it on your behalf. The broker will also walk you through any supporting documents you might need, like financial statements.

* Approval and Deposit. Fingers crossed, your mortgage will be approved. Your broker will confirm the terms and conditions, and ask you if you wish to proceed. Assuming your answer is yes, you’ll need to open a bank account. Then you’ll be asked to deposit enough funds to cover the valuation fee.

Retirement in Portugal...

What to consider when retiring:

First, establish what it is exactly you want to do with your retirement. It might be that you want to play golf regularly, or volunteer in your new community. You might want to take up a gardening project. Whatever your goals might be, it’s a good idea to base your decision of where to live on these goals.

You might be hankering after a thriving expat community, or you might want to step back and find a more remote and peaceful area with lifelong locals. If it’s a certain type of lifestyle that you envision for your retirement, we advise you to figure out what exactly that is.

Leisure activities:

Portugal is a wonderland of leisure activities for retirees. If you love golf, look no further than the Algarve, with some of the best courses in Europe. If you’d rather sample the gastronomic delights of Portugal, consider Lisbon, with its burgeoning food and wine scene.

Want nothing more than to lounge on the beach by day and tuck into a fresh-from-the-ocean seafood dinner every night? Portugal stretches more than 600 kilometers from north to south, with beaches along the whole way.

Americans Moving to Portugal...

Americans are very welcome in Portugal. The culture in Portugal might be quite different to what you are used to back home. In Portugal, there is a slower way of living and more time is taken for personal life, hobbies and time with family. We really mean everything is slower, so don’t expect to rush through ordering a coffee or an appointment at the bank. It will take longer than expected!

Should I move to Portugal?

We think so!!!! But no country is without its ups and downs, of course. If you’re still considering whether Portugal is right for you, and where the best spot in the country might be, we’ve put together pros and cons that give you Portugal in a nutshell.


* Great weather in most parts of Portugal most of the year

* Friendly people and a culture that welcomes expats

* Delicious fresh seafood and a thriving gastronomy scene

* Lower cost of living and less expensive real estate prices than in many other Western countries


* Often limited availability of goods and services, especially in rural areas

* Moving away from friends and family has the potential for homesickness and culture shock

Portugal versus Spain...

Portugal is considered more affordable and laid-back than its closest EU neighbor, Spain, and its property market hasn’t seen the same ups and downs. While Portugal has been considered a sleepy retirement spot in the past, buying a home in Portugal now is just as much about the return on investment as it is about the lifestyle.

Work with a professional to get started...

You’re about to embark on an exciting journey – moving to Portugal! There’s a lot of information on the internet, but it’s always best to check with reputable professionals, to ensure you’re making the right choices for your personal situation.

If you need help with relocating to Portugal, our team of experts can help.

Infinite Solutions specializes in assistance with residency and property investment in Portugal. Get in touch to schedule a free 30-minute consultation.

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