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Buyer Representation Agreement... Why You Should Have One!!!

So you are ready to have your place in the sun and buy your home or investment property in Portugal… And you already have chosen the BUYER AGENT in Portugal you want to work with So now before outlining the advantages of having a buyer representation agreement I would like to tell you this… Although Portugal does not have a true MLS system, we after more than 20 years in real estate, and where I am delegated to building the MLS with brokers in Portugal as well as with other European brokers, and until there is such a MLS system, we have built and continue to develop strong relationships with other Brokers throughout Portugal, who are always willing to work with us and share their listings!!! Why You need a buyer representation agreement… So like in many countries, where real estate already has been practiced for a longer time and has more rules and regulations, signing an exclusive buyer representation agreement is a common practice. Mainly with foreigners, who are already used to this type of contract, many deals are already done with an exclusive buyer's agreement. This agreement boils down to hiring a professional who will accompany you throughout the property purchase process. Those who have already bought a house understand that, although it is not a very complicated process when we find a listing from a great professional, it is a very simple process, although it is very exhausting. SO WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES FOR THE BUYER… More DATA: ❖ We will only present properties that are suitable according to your needs and specifications; ❖ If you see a property for sale, just reach out to us and we will get and analyze all the details for you; ❖ We will continuously update you on all the actions that we are taking to find you your home; ❖ We will look for your property in all other real estate broker offices and in the "FSBO" market. More TIME: ❖ We can arrange for virtual visits for you to check if the property is really interesting before physically visiting it; ❖ We will only visit with you the properties that really interest you; ❖ All due diligence is our responsibility; ❖ We will dedicate exclusive time to you and to the purchase of your future home. More SERVICE: ❖ You will only be working with a buyer agent who will know exactly what you are looking for; ❖ We will do an active search for properties that are listed; ❖ We can visit off-market properties and that are not listed anywhere. More KNOWLEDGE: ❖ From the beginning, you will be aware of the entire process until the completion of the transaction; ❖ You will have a Market Comparative Analysis (MCA) of what is being sold in the area where you intend to buy. More SAFETY: ❖ We check all the documentation of the properties and do the necessary due diligence before even visiting properties to verify all is in order to proceed (nothing worse than finding the property you are after and not being able to close on it); ❖ We will be responsible for coordinating all visits to the properties; ❖ We will be much more motivated because the responsibility of working only with us is much greater. Best DEAL: ❖ We will help throughout the negotiation process; ❖ We will be able to achieve the best deal for you.

Best REFERRAL PARTNERS: ❖ Recommend our trusted lawyer and legal team to help you with your Visa | Residency | NHR (Non Habitual Tax Resident) status; ❖ Recommend our trusted loan Broker; ❖ Recommend our trusted currency exchange broker; ❖ Recommend our trusted architect; ❖ Recommend our trusted builder; ❖ Recommend our trusted home inspector. ❖ Share all our referral partners that we have been working with for more than 20 years. WHAT WE WILL DO TO FIND YOUR FUTURE PROPERTY: ❖ Research on our website; ❖ Activate dynamic searches so that you are the first to receive new opportunities; ❖ Search the websites of other real estate brokerages; ❖ Research on real estate portals; ❖ Research in bank database to see if any foreclosures available that fit your needs; ❖ Disclosure on social networks; ❖ Knock on doors in the areas where you defined that you intended to buy; ❖ Distribution of flyers in areas where you defined that you intended to buy; ❖ Search for properties in the networking groups we are members of. WHAT WE WILL NOT DO: Accept that you sign an exclusive agreement with our team if we know from the outset that we will not be able to help or want to work with you!!! Trust the work we do if you believe in our MISSION: “Offer support to our friends |business partners and Human Resources providing the best possible value-added service so that everyone's dreams are realized”. Our company’s name is ”Infinite Solutions,” and it's a perfect name because we are not problem-oriented, we are all about solutions!!!… And remember… “We don’t have clients… We haveFRIENDS!!!” Feel free to schedule a buyer representation consultation call at your convenience on our calendar through Calendly, and let’s see where we can add value to your move or additionally investing in Portugal, as our trusted Lawyer and Tax Attorney can walk you through the NHR | Residence Visa or Portugal Residence Permit and our Loan Broker and Currency Exchange Broker will additionally be able to add value to your buying process!!! Link to schedule call on Calendly

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