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Despite the crisis, there are more than 33,614 homes on the market since the beginning of the year..

The drop is 2% compared to last year and, once again, Lisbon and Porto are the cities with the most licensed works.

From the beginning of the year until the end of September, 14,580 housing projects entered into the licensing phase, for a total of 33,614 dwellings in Portugal (Continental).

The data, released this week also indicate that activity in the sector remains “in line with that observed in the same period of 2019, against which it presents a decrease of 2% in the number of dwellings”. In fact, in that period of 2019, 13,949 projects were accounted for in a total of 34,377 dwellings.

Lisbon and Porto continued to be the main destinations for the promotion of new housing projects in 2020, with 2,695 units and 2,444 units, respectively.

Another nine municipalities in the country account for portfolios with more than 500 dwellings in the period under analysis, notably Matosinhos and Vila Nova de Gaia, the only ones besides Lisbon and Porto where the works in portfolio exceed 1,000 units (1,229 and 1,179 dwellings, respectively).

Braga has a portfolio of 891 units, while Cascais and Guimarães are at the level of 700 units.

Construction from scratch remains the main driver of the promotion of new residential projects, adding 81% of the homes in the portfolio between January and September 2020 in a total of 27,299 units spread over 11,716 projects.

The rehabilitation works of pre-existing buildings have a weight of 19%, having generated 6,315 dwellings in 2,864 projects.

The data now released were calculated based on energy pre-certificates issued by ADENE, a source that covers the entire universe of new works in launch of new promotion and rehabilitation.

Source: INE

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