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Digital Nomad… My TOP Eight Places to Consider in Central Portugal

Have you ever thought about being a digital nomad???…

With that in mind, and if you’re looking for a change of scene, and fancy exploring Europe’s sunniest Country in between Zoom meetings, this is an invitation to change your life, because as of October 30th Portugal has a new digital Nomad Visa…

The concept is not new by any means. It also did not appear in the pandemic, although this period was a great booster, at least in Portugal. Remote work has gone from being an eccentric option to being an achievable and current choice. Yes, it's not a dream, it's reality. Digital nomadism has been gaining more and more followers and for the right reasons… It is a lifestyle that allows you to work without geographical restrictions, which means working anywhere in the world. And if you ask me now which is the best place in Portugal to be a digital nomad, I will tell you that Lisbon and Porto or additionally Madeira Island are favorite Nomad destinations, however I recommend you to consider looking at the Center of Portugal as well…

The quality of life associated with the experiences that a smaller or medium-sized city offers gains an increasingly significant weight. Safe environments, lower cost of living, nomadic communities already settled are just a few of the benefits to consider…

With that in mind, these are my TOP eight places in Central Portugal for digital nomads to consider, that I would like to share with you…

1. Ria de Aveiro

I cannot talk about this region without mentioning water, biodiversity, art and comfort. This territory invites you to adventure. The canals offer us one of the best ways to explore the city, in a classic moliceiro, of course. But living and working in this region is also walking or cycling along walkways along unique lagoon landscapes, walking along nature reserve trails, taking a trip to golden sand beaches, enjoying the thermal baths, surrendering to the architectural and cultural heritage and taste unavoidable gastronomic delicacies. Who wouldn't want to have the famous soft eggs there always at hand???… Not to mention the Ovar sponge cake!!!… In the Ria de Aveiro region, there is no shortage of spaces to work remotely, such as Trilhos da Terra or Fusion Cowork. But there is more.

2. Viseu / Dão / Lafões

They say that this is the right destination for those looking for outdoor fun combined with a feeling of well-being. Even more so when there are mineral waters with unique properties in the thermal resorts of the region. The green dominates the landscape and invites you to get lost (in a good way) along the mountain trails of indescribable beauty. But there is still room for "secret places", such as hidden streams and charming rural villages. Being in this fantastic territory, you can't miss the velvety and full-bodied Dão wines, which perfectly accompany the cuisine. I suggest míscaros rice to whet your appetite and Viriato jam to finish off on a high note. Afterwards, there's nothing better than a bike ride along the Ecopista do Dão or Vouga. There are incubators and coworking spaces around the region that emerge as ideal places to work remotely.

3. Serra da Estrela

Everyone knows it as one of the largest green areas in Portugal. This is the place to live and work in deep communion with nature. The peace, the fascinating birds, the fun winters, the river waters of beaches on the edge of green shores or therapeutic spas that are always relaxing, and the genuine people are the entry point to a region that enchants in a unique way. Living and working here means discovering the Historic Villages of Portugal, Schist Villages and Mountain Villages. It is traveling in time and "living" in the footsteps of those who shaped a territory where wool and wool are worked with mastery and passion. It's knowing how to appreciate life. Savor a delicious wine from Beira Interior and an appetizing Serra da Estrela Cheese. There is also no shortage of cowork spaces and incubators here, such as the New Hand Lab or the Cowork Cooperative in Videmonte. And not only.

4. Coimbra Region

This is a region of stories and traditions, where customs dictate experiences. The symbolic and iconic monuments and places – such as the University of Coimbra, Sé Velha, Portugal dos Pequenitos or Quinta das Lágrimas – live in harmony with one of the richest archaeological sites in the country, the Ruins of Conímbriga. This is the perfect region for those looking for discoveries, experiences, knowledge and culture. Here, history and stories are lived. Enjoy calm and fresh river waters, which you can reach through mountains and valleys cut out of picturesque villages. The longest straight waves in Europe are caught on golden sandy ocean beaches. Enjoy a good Leitão da Bairrada accompanied by excellent regional wines. There is space for cowork, artistic residencies, incubators, company retreats, technology parks and business centers where you can work remotely in the region, such as Biocant Park or Cerdeira. And many more.

5. Leiria Region

Between the mountains and the sea, this region offers the perfect duality to live and work. On the one hand, the beaches with fine sand or inland beaches with clear water, the reservoirs, the springs. On the other, the caves, castles, industrial tourism. This is the perfect place to breathe the healthy air of the forests, but also the sea air of the ocean. Not forgetting the historical heritage that majestically erects a Monastery, a World Heritage Site, you will discover natural places where there are swings, walkways and walking trails. Can there be any better than this???… Only the gastronomic heritage, especially the rice pudding!!!… Cowork spaces, business centers and incubators make change irrefutable in this Region.

6. Beira Baixa

Some call it an open-air museum and it's no wonder. If you already know the Schist Villages, you know that the rural charm of the region is undeniable. From road to road, from trail to trail, you discover pieces of history rooted in each castle, in each village and in each museum. Here, magic lives. You can also feel the force of nature, discover intoxicating flavors, observe fauna and avifauna like nowhere else. Those who pass and live here find the beauty of living slowly to the sound of hands beating on the adufe, with rhythm and tradition. In Castelo Branco, the gardens and parks are the perfect place for a refreshing break. In the region there is a Center for Innovative Companies, called the Factory of Creativity, and a rural-based incubator for remote work.

7. Middle Tagus

Comfort and serenity. Nature has the primacy of attention here, with the Castelo do Bode Dam and the Paul do Boquilobo Nature Reserve, mandatory crossing points. But it's not just nature that lives here. There is also a place for history, with stops at enchanted castles and the Convent of Christ, in Tomar. There is still room for faith in the Sanctuary of Fátima, one of the most important in the world. With time, discover genuine flavors such as fried fataça (fried river mullet fish) or maranhos… A popular Portuguese dish made from Goat, rice and ham… Basically it´s a “bag” made out of goat stomach tripe and filled with rice, goat meat and ham. The meat is usually seasoned with mint, parsley and sweet paprika powder, all washed down with a distinctive Tagus Wine. If sweets can never be missing from the table, delight yourself with the typical sweets: straw from Abrantes or slices from Tomar. Which do you choose???… Both is the right choice!!!!… There are several incubators, cowork spaces, creative hubs and business spaces to work remotely in this territory, such as Tagus Valley.

8. Western Region

In this region, the sea is the most striking element. The big waves of Nazaré do not go unnoticed inside and outside the country and put the region on the map of one of the best surf destinations in the world. Such as Peniche, where important competitions of the sport take place at the highest international level. A small maritime detour of less than 30 minutes on a boat ride, takes us to the crystal clear waters of Berlengas Island, a paradise that invites you to dive. To record the plurality of the region, we cannot forget the Monastery of Alcobaça, the medieval town of Óbidos, or the Bordallo Pinheiro Artistic Faience Factory. The wine region, on the other hand, from which wines are strongly influenced by the Atlantic air, shares the unique aroma of the region. In the flavors, the menu offers seafood, eels and clams "of the house". More and more remote workspaces welcome digital nomads, such as Selina Peniche, Ossos do Ofício or PipeDream. And many others.

Those who "run away" from large cities and choose to live in the interior of the country can benefit from a set of support that encourages geographic mobility, such as the Programa Emprego Interior MAIS or the Programa Chave na Mão, as well as tax benefits on IRS.

Before taking the step forward in choosing a new destination, use and abuse all the information gathered at

This site is a journey through the territory and the stories of those who chose the Center to live and work. No one better than people with a common interest to find out all about these amazing places.

So if you’re looking for a change of scene - and fancy exploring Europe’s sunniest Country in between Zoom meetings this is my invitation for you to change your life!!!

Feel free to schedule a call at your convenience on our calendar through Calendly, if you would like to learn more about the digital nomad visa, or additionally other Visa processes available and be on the path to Portuguese Citizenship as well!!!

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