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In Vino Veritas... No Vinho Está a Verdade... Mateus Rosé

In 1942, through the Portuguese company Sogrape and by the hand of Fernando van Zeller Guedes, a wine was born that is one of the most innovative in memory. Strong identity, unique flavor and an unusual bottle, are some of the attributes that set it apart and have led the brand to become a world reference. The iconic bottle, inspired by the canteens used by soldiers in the First World War, contributed to the enormous success of the wine, standing out among many others of higher formats.

After the popularity achieved in the United Kingdom and the huge success in the USA, in the 1950s, Mateus became a truly global brand.

Mateus Rosé is a rosé wine with a very appealing and brilliant color. Overall, it is a fresh and seductive wine with good aromatic intensity and all the youthfulness of young wines. In the mouth, it is a very balanced and tempting wine. Light, fresh, young, fruity and slightly "petillant", MATEUS ROSÉ offers a simple, sensual and uncompromising sophistication, which make any situation a very special moment. MATEUS ROSÉ is timeless, it is a lifestyle and a desire to live.

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