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In Vino Veritas... No Vinho Está a Verdade... Pêra-Manca

Pêra-Manca is the brand that Adega Cartuxa - Fundação Eugénio de Almeida uses for its exceptional wines...

Cited in chronicles of the XVI Century, Pêra-Manca was the wine chosen to seal the meeting between Pedro Álvares Cabral and the Indians, on their arrival in Brazil in 1500. Its history dates back to the Middle Ages and its name is inspired by the terrain where the vineyards were, a ravine with loose stones. It was said at the time that the rocks swayed, limped. They were "lame stones". It is produced only when all the requirements of exceptional quality are fulfilled.

This garnet colored wine has an intense and complex aroma, with blackberry and raspberry, balsamic notes, pine, resin, white chocolate and linden. In the mouth, impresses from the first impact by the freshness. It is elegant and very concentrated.

Due to the great quality of the tannins and woods used, they are wines that have great longevity, needing some time to reveal their full potential.

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