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Lamb "Fod@ à Monção"

Elected in 2018 one of the “7 Wonders of Portugal at the Table”.

“Cooking in a bowl taken to the wood oven not only recovers the knowledge of our ancestors but also adds a little art, affection and professionalism from today's cooks. The artistic name, so to speak, reflects well the affable and cheerful character of the Monçanenses”.

According to legend, the inhabitants of the village, who did not have herds, went to the fairs to buy the reixelo. And, as in all fairs, there was everything, good and bad. The truth is that cattle producers, when they took him to the fair, wanted to sell them at the best price and, in order to make the reixelos look fat, they put salt in their forage, which forced them to drink a lot of water. At the fair, they appeared with a belly full of water and heavy, looking really fat. The unwary who did not know in the morning bought those authentic "water bags" and, when they realized the deception, exclaimed in the good way of Minho: “Mas que Fod@!".

The term became so popular that the dish started to be called locally, by Fod@... In such a way that it is frequent, due to festive times (Easter, Corpus Christi, Lady of Sorrows and Christmas or New Year's Eve) to hear the women: “O Maria, have you already Fod@?”.

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