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Lisbon / Madrid: What is the difference between a “TOP PRIME” PH Flat in the two capitals???

Judging by the price of the apartment bought by Cristiano Ronaldo, at Rua Castilho, the most expensive ever in Lisbon, and the highest-priced luxury apartment in all of Madrid (Montalban 11)... the difference is nothing more and nothing less than seven million euros!!!

Cristiano Ronaldo paid just over seven million euros for a duplex on Rua Castilho, in Lisbon, which includes a terrace with an infinity pool and a garden with panoramic views over the entire capital. The 3BR apartment has 287 m2 of covered area, three suites, a central fireplace and a unique concept of exclusivity. Ronaldo and family's apartment also has a terrace, 260 square meters, with swimming pool, fireplace, garden, leisure areas and a barbecue.

The thirteen-storey property consists of just 19 apartments of exceptional contemporary design, and where the condominium is differentiated by the equipment and services it offers.

The building has, in the common areas, a cinema room, gym, sauna and indoor pool. Another communal swimming pool is located on the eighth floor.

Expensive???... Of course, but the top-of-the-range apartment similar to Ronaldo's, the Madrid flat, Montalban, 11, cost twice as much.

According to the Madrid daily ABC, the penthouse of the Montatalban 11 development is, at this moment, the most expensive in all of Madrid. The development is the result of a luxury rehabilitation of an old historic building from the end of the 19th Century of the capital of Spain. The company promoting the building has gained notoriety for being responsible for other luxury projects in Marid, such as Alfonso X or Velázquez 87.

The Montalban 11 apartment, according to the newspaper, was sold to a Central European tycoon for the price of 14.6 million euros. The promoter does not reveal which area is covered and only informs the total area with garden and patios, which is around 600 m2.

Altogether there are 11 exclusive apartments, all of them with a sophisticated and imposing design. Interior design is the responsibility of the Venezuelan studio Lemon Prime Arquitectura.

The conclusion to be drawn is that even in the luxury residential market, Lisbon remains highly competitive, compared to its counterparts Madrid or Barcelona.

Sources: Confidencial Imobiliário / Madrid daily ABC

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