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Luxury Villa For Sale in Caleton – Cap Cana - Punta Cana - Dominican Republic

Property ID : 2262

Location: Caleton – Cap Cana- Punta Cana - Dominican Republic

Bedrooms: 4

Bathrooms: 4

Living Area: 1,522 m² / 16,374.14 ft²

Value: $ 2.800.000 / 2.329.829 €


Stunning Gem! Villa Caleton is located in the prestigious Cap Cana in the heart of the Caribbean, on the eastern shores of the Dominican Republic.

The Villa offers with a beautiful landscaped on 670 squares meters rooms, The lot count with approx 1600 square meters.

Grand front entrance doors. The majestic villa is comprised of approx 45 squares meters bedrooms, 3 bedrooms on the first floor and 1 bedroom on the second floor, each room includes a complete beautiful bathroom.

Foyer, formal living and dining room have high ceilings, the absolute gorgeous kitchen offers 25 squares meters approx.

The Villa offers parking for the Golf Car, and spacious parking area of 300 square meters in the Caleton main entrance.

Villa Caleton would have everything you need to live in a real paradise! Cap Cana is an exclusive real estate and hotel tourist destination, recognized among the best of the Caribbean.

The luxurious and spectacular Villa Caleton now also for rent.

Cap Cana, part of the dream …

US$1,700 per night from today and until December 1

US$2,000 per night from December 1 to December 18

US$3,000 per night from December 18 to December 27

Golf car and housekeeper included, working 8 hours a day, she is not a cook

Entrance to the beach area for 6 people

Additional services:

Excellent cuisine for US$100.00 per day

12 hours housekeeper for US$50.00 per day

Any additional details or to schedule a viewing contact me... and it can be in real-time either through WhatsApp / Messenger or FaceTime... Your very own and personal virtual tour!!!

Property listed by colleague Jordi Albertus

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