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Monção & Melgaço, discover the charms of the birthplace of the Alvarinho Grape Variety

The charms of the noblest white grape variety in Portugal begin in the terroir and end in the glass, in an exercise in pleasure that invites us to discover more about the sub-region of Monção & Melgaço. From the northernmost point of the country to the world, the Alvarinho grape variety is conquering more and more connoisseurs. One of the most beautiful regions in the country, Minho has fascinations that begin with the blue of the rivers, which tell ancient stories and hide ancestral secrets, and end with the ecstatic green of the slopes, mountains and terraces, in a constant symbiosis between land, air and sea. This natural beauty is the cradle of what is considered the most noble of all white varieties, the Alvarinho variety, which is born in all its splendor and plenitude in the sub-region of Monção & Melgaço, the northernmost of the 9 sub-regions of the Vinho Verde Region. Literally in the mouths of the world, it is in the sub-region of Monção and Melgaço that the Alvarinho variety reveals itself and reaches its maximum potential, revealing a nectar of the Gods in the glass. Naturally, Alvarinho wines are the main wine reference in this sub-region, having achieved a remarkable prestige over the years due to their remarkable quality and reputation. Especially because it has a consensus… ”Is there anyone who doesn't appreciate a nice (and fresh) glass of Alvarinho???”

Did you know that???... The exclusive guarantee seal “Monção & Melgaço” certifies the authenticity, origin and quality of wines from this territory. This seal is awarded by the Vinhos Verdes Commission, affirming a segment with the highest value within the universe which is “Vinho Verde”. Alvarinho, a Portuguese variety for sure The charms of this variety begin in the land and end in the mouth, making its history even more delicious. It was in the sub-region of Monção and Melgaço (which borders Spain and is northwest of the Iberian Peninsula) that the variety originated and where its evolution began, which happened even before there was any written record. One of the secrets is the sub-region's microclimate, which includes the wine-producing councils of Monção and Melgaço - villages with around 700 years of history. This location benefits from an Atlantic, temperate microclimate with continental influence, characterized by cold, rainy winters and hot, dry summers. After all, we are talking about the Vinho Verde Region, a region that is one of the world's centers of excellence in the production of quality white wines. “With a very particular microclimate, the sub-region of Monção & Melgaço is the birthplace of the Alvarinho variety, which gives rise to full-bodied, complex wines with great aging potential… That is… Perfect for celebrating great moments!!!” The main features of the terroir

The terrain's relief is, of course, one of the most important aspects. The proximity of the Minho River and its main tributaries induces a temperature regulation that allows the temperature ranges to be perfect for the production of fresh and aromatic wines. This means that the Alvarinho terroir extends over mountain slopes, overcoming the obstacles of terrain and altitude, with greater fearless bravery. A curiosity? In areas along the river, between 50 and 150 meters in altitude, it globally produces wines with more fruit and less acidity, while areas on the slope, which can go up to 350 meters in altitude, to the mountains, provide more minerality and freshness, qualities that are a trend in the wine world. The fact that there are, thus, micro-terroirs within the sub-region allows for very different alvarinhos. Alvarinhos in barrels, fruity alvarinhos, mineral alvarinhos, alvarinhos with sweetness or drier, late harvest alvarinhos or even alvarinho liqueurs, which have in common an enormous potential for evolution. Also the Alvarinho Brut, an excellent wine that is not afraid of a taste compared to many true Champagnes, is slowly conquering the sparking wines market as the comparison with the French nectar is not even necessary. All of them give rise to wines with a great potential for storage and aging in the bottle. But if you prefer immediate tasting, know that the variety perfectly accompanies dishes with stronger tastes such as cod, grilled or roasted meat dishes, or typically Portuguese snacks such as traditional sausages and cheeses. “The Alvarinho variety produces a unique and excellent white Vinho Verde!!!” How to recognize an Alvarinho??? Whether lovers, specialists, connoisseurs or just beginners, Alvarinho usually gathers unanimity in its characterization and appreciation. With an intense straw color, with citrus reflections, Alvarinho has an intense, distinct and complex aroma, ranging from quince, peach, banana, lemon, passion fruit and lychee (fruity character), to orange blossom and violet (floral character), hazelnut and walnut (almond character) and honey (caramelized character).

The Monção & Melgaço sub-region in numbers:

  • The total area of ​​the sub-region is 45,000 ha

  • The vineyards extend over 1730 ha

  • The area that the Alvarinho variety occupies is 1340 ha

  • There are 2085 winemakers in the sub-region

  • There are 67 bottlers

  • The annual production of Vinho Verde is 10.2 million liters

  • 85% is white Vinho Verde, and 11% is red Vinho Verde and 4% is Rosy Vinho Verde

  • There are 253 brands

A variety that tends to balance produces a complex, smooth, round, harmonious, full-bodied and persistent flavor, with mineral notes that contribute to its freshness, which is undoubtedly one of its star characteristics. A perfect Vinho Verde in all seasons. #wine #vinho #alvarinho #alvarinhogrape #vinhoalvarinho #alvarinhowine #monção #moncao #melgaço #melgaco #vinhoverde #verdewine #minho #minhoportugal #doc #vinhoportugues #portuguesewine #vinhodeportugal #portugalwines #portuguesewines #winesportugal #winesinportugal #wineholidayinportugal #portugalwineholiday #wineinportugal #vinhosdeportugal #portugalwine #lifestyleinportugal #infinitesolutionsbyab #realpeoplerealliferealestate

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