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Portugal is the 3rd safest Country in the World

The Institute for Economics and Peace, it’s Global Peace Index, ranked Portugal as the 3rd world’s safest countries. Overall, the study found, that while the world is still less peaceful than it was a decade ago (probably not surprising for anyone who reads the news, like, ever,) it is slightly more peaceful today than it was at this time last year—the first time that the index improved in the last five years. But while world peace has fluctuated over time, one fact has remained constant: the country that has remained in the top 5 spot for the past 12 years.

The Institute for Economics and Peace, with help from the Economist Intelligence Unit, ranks 163 nations on “a country’s level of Negative Peace using three domains of peacefulness.” Those include ongoing domestic and international conflict; level of harmony or discord within a nation; and indicators related to militarization. Each domain takes into account a host of factors, such as weapon imports and political stability, to give each nation three scores that are averaged for an overall composite, according to the index’s methodology.

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