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Property in Itanhaém Beach - São Paulo - Brasil 🇧🇷

Atualizado: 8 de fev. de 2021

Main house:

- 2 Rooms

- 2 Suites

- TV Room

- Dining Eoom

- Kitchen

- Bathroom 

- Laundry

- Lateral and Front Balconies

- 2 External Stairs

Secondary House:

-1 Bedroom

-1 Bathroom

- Living room

- Kitchen

- Laundry

- Balcony

- External Staircase

Total area: 515m². Corner property and facing the beach.

Recreation area:

The houses are in the same yard.

- Backyard with plants

- Barbecue grill

-2 Extra Rooms

- Mini Laundry

- WC

- 2 Cold Bath 

- Water Well

- Garage for 8 cars

Large Lounge:

The property also has a large lounge at the bottom of the main house, now completely independent of the property... Currently rented to a fitness center, being a source of monthly income.

Note: Sold Furnished.

Itanhaém Beach...

Located on the south coast of São Paulo, Itanhaém was once the setting for the soap opera "Mulheres de Areia", where until today, a statue on the beach of Fishermen refers to this period of recordings. 

With approximately 100 thousand population, that number jumps to 500 thousand counting with tourists looking for beaches, nature, culture and history.

Itanhaém has 26 km of beaches and nautical tourism as a strong ally, in  addition to religious tourism, since people very important cities passed through Itanhaém, as the Padre Anchieta, cultural tourism and a great diversity of rivers and beaches that offer tourism throughout the year. With an excellent location and view panoramic, the property that has 515m² consisting of a main house, a smaller independent house and lounge, is located on the corner and facing the Beach.

Beautiful and peaceful beach to relax and renew its energies and with a large flow of tourists, 10 minutes from the city center and you can do all the walking along the beach and marvel at the landscape and events like surfing, motocross, rodeo and shows. 

Value: 370.000 Euros / 425.000 US Dollars

Property listed by Anyta Sousa

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