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“The Pearl of Paiva” 5BR Deluxe Rural Hotel with 6.8 Hectares of Chardonnay/ Loureiro/Alvariño Wine

The vineyard and property in question is located in the north of Portugal, the business of which consists of viticulture and a B&B. The wines have very good to excellent reviews and are mainly exported to, among others, top Dutch restaurants and the Far East. This is partly due to a unique view of the way in which the vines are treated and the way in which the vinification process is organized. Right next to the wine cellar is a beautiful tasting room that can be used for multiple purposes. Currently there are 6 spacious rooms with private bathroom, a spacious dining room, various terraces and living rooms.

Key figures:

With the wines, an annual profit of around € 80,000 can be achieved and for the operation of the B&B we expect € 100,000. There is 1 FTE (Portuguese) employed. Total size of the complex is 6.6 hectares.


The location of the complex is unique and therefore attractive to the higher segment. The complex still offers a lot of room for expansion.


The viticulture is practically entirely organic and only copper sulphate is used against mildew. Because the government attaches great importance to the management and

further development of viticulture, a subsidy of up to 40% of the investment is available from the PRODER program.

Tentative calculations could show the following financial picture based on the following assumptions:

• An average selling price of €4 per bottle Chardonnay, Laurel or Alvarinho with an average cost price of €1.00 a bottle;

• A turnover of 15,000 – 20,000 bottles annually (depending on the weather conditions);

• A price per room of €120 per night (an average price in the region); and

• An average occupancy rate of 200 days annually for 4 rooms (this is 50 - 60%, while Porto

uses an average occupancy rate of 80%).

• This results in a gross annual income of €150,000 - €175,000; and

• Gross return of 6-7% of the purchase costs

This in itself shows a profitable investment, but the location has more to offer. It offers excellent opportunities to expand the vineyard into a hotel resort on the condition that the buyer decides to profit from the exponential growth of the eco and wine tourism in this region.

There is an increasingly high demand for hotel accommodation in this region. Because the city of Porto is flooded with tourists, the Quinta receives lots of interest from overflow of visitors. It is famous for its scenic location, overlooking the river Paiva, only 30 minutes by car from the city of Porto, surrounded by the mountains of the Monte Muro, and not far from the Serra da Estrela, the city of Coimbra and the natural park “Peneda Gerês”.

• Recently a beautiful walkway above and along the river Paiva was built:

• The largest suspension bridge in Portugal dubbed “516 Arouca” was just recently inaugurated as well:

All of this will attract increasing numbers of tourists for years to come and support our assumptions underlying the calculation of the annual turnover and return on investment. Moreover, the running of a hotel in addition to the B&B and the vineyard, will diversify the sources of income.

More information upon request with LOI to view property and NDA to sign.

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