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6 Desirable Rural Areas to Live in Portugal

Looking for a quiet existence???… Here are 6 places to find spacious and affordable rural properties in Portugal.

“If you’re looking for rural properties in Portugal, you have an abundance of choice, spanning the whole length and breadth of the country!!!”

Even in the relatively “busy” Algarve, it doesn’t take long to find solitude and peace. A lifestyle that feels a world away from the beach bars and glitzy golf resorts is within easy reach, and often just a short drive inland. The best part is that all those amenities are on hand when you want them – but only when you wish to emerge from your rural idyll, which can be as “off grid” as you desire.

The same applies to Portugal’s big cities. Lisbon feels like a true metropolis nowadays, but just 30 minutes away are the agricultural valleys of Saloia. Here, the village of Aldeia da Mata Pequena has been restored as a hub for low-key rural tourism.

Similarly, close to Porto there are villages like Quintandona that feel untouched by time, and a world away from the frenetic pace of the city.

In this post we look at six places to focus your search for rural properties in Portugal. As well as offering serenity, they may also pleasantly surprise you in terms of property prices. We begin our journey from the Algarve to the Northern Minho Region.

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Alcoutim (Algarve)

Nestled under the hills, facing the Guadiana river and Spanish border, is the charming village of Alcoutim. Known for its jaw-droppingly beautiful river beach, it’s a popular destination for local sunworshippers and “in-the-know” day-trippers. Some visit for the nearby “Limite Zero” attraction – the world’s first cross-border zipwire!

Alcoutim is a laid-back and sleepy place, and the landscape becomes completely rural as soon as you leave the village. However, the Algarve coast is only a 40-minute drive away, along a stunning and good quality road.

As with all the destinations on this list, finding a property is often about heading to the countryside and hamlets beyond the village for true off-grid seclusion. However, the village itself does provide some property options for those who’d rather have at least some neighbours.

Moncarapacho (Algarve)

Moncarapacho offers the ultimate in convenience – rural life that’s less than a 30-minute drive from Faro airport!

This small town has an established community of international residents who come together around the pretty square. Moncarapacho offers all that’s needed for a low-key life, including independent shops, cafés and restaurants. Beaches are a short drive away, and all the Algarve’s amenities are within easy reach.

Spacious homes, often with generous amounts of land, are dotted around the countryside. Residents are free to dip in and out of village life as they please.

Beja (Alentejo)

The Alentejo region is increasingly on the radar for those seeking rural properties in Portugal. It offers true authenticity, and house prices that can still seem staggeringly low.

Potential buyers should be aware of a couple of things. First off, this isn’t the place to expect menus printed in English and Heinz Baked Beans in the supermarkets. Learning Portuguese will need to be a priority. 

Additionally, while the Alentejo climate is similar to that of the Algarve, with long hot summers and short mild winters, it’s wise to become clued up on Alentejo microclimates before committing to a home!

The area around Beja is well worth a look. The city itself is attractive but low-key, and the area soon becomes agricultural beyond the city limits. The local area is known for growing everything from olives and salad leaves to wheat and is often referred to as Portugal’s “breadbasket.”

Homes here are inexpensive and often surrounded by generous packages of land. Renovation projects abound.

Castelo Branco (Central Portugal)

The Castelo Branco region offers another example of a part of Portugal where rural living radiates out from a central hub. Castelo Branco is a genteel and historic city, dotted with gardens and heavily associated with the Knights Templar, who are believed to have built the city’s castle.

On a practical level, the city provides all the amenities needed from a central hub: shopping malls, large supermarkets, DIY stores, and plenty of inspiring places to take visitors!

Venturing beyond the city, you are soon surrounded by nature. This is an area dotted with lakes and river beaches. You’ll want to make use of them, as this is one of Portugal’s hottest inland regions. It’s worth checking out the peak summer weather to see if you truly enjoy such heat.

Moreover, property prices here are considerably lower than the averages for Portugal. It’s a great place to search for bargains and renovation projects.


Bragança (Northern Portugal)

In Portugal’s north-eastern Trás-os-Montes region is the municipality of Bragança, close to the border with Spain.

This is a real “get away from it all” region. The lack of a nearby airport makes it less convenient than other locations here, but for those looking to be truly “off grid” this could be a plus.

Trás-os-Montes translates to “beyond the mountains”. In this area, the climate can be extreme, with snow on the nearby mountains and summers that can still be hot – though not as hot, obviously, as in southern Portugal. Those who adore barren landscapes and unspoiled nature will feel at home here. They’ll also likely have plenty of personal space, with property prices some of the lowest in Portugal.

So you’ve decided to move to Portugal???… Great choice!!!

But before you pack your bags, there are a few things you need to know about the residency process. 

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Minho Region (Northern Portugal)

The Minho Region… One of Portugal’s best kept secrets!!!

Nature, with her fertile hands, extended over the Minho Region a green mantle that covers more than 4,500 square kilometers…

There is no other region in Portugal like it…  Proud but generous, immense but at the same time intimate, like a place  we recognise as our own, as our home, where we always want to return as if for the first time. 

Minho is made of a unique human landscape, capable men and women who have  formed a diverse productive sector, who embrace projects that stand out  at both a national and international level, who remember age-old skills  but see the future with determination and with the will to succeed, as  bold as ever.

The Minho Region is served by two international airports, Porto and Vigo in Spain. 

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