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Beachfront Land for Sale - Uvero Alto - Punta Cana - Dominican Republic

Property ID: 12147

Location: Uvero Alto - Punta Cana - Dominican Republic

Plot Size: 128,000 m² / 31.62 Acres

Beachfront Area: 504 meters

Value: $ 32,000,000 / 26.626.624 €

Build your tropical dream hotel, resort or tourist project among dancing palm trees, sugary beaches, turquoise green waters and an impressive natural landscape in Uvero Alto, Dominican Republic.

This stunning lot is 128,000 m² (approximately 31.62 acres), has 504 meters of beachfront and is located in a privileged location in Uvero Alto, Punta Cana on the northeast coast of the Dominican Republic.

Permitted density by law: Up to 512 rooms. Calculated as 40 rooms per hectare with the potential for higher density.

Distance to nearest airport (Punta Cana International Airport, PUJ): approximately 1 hour by car, 75 km or 45 miles.

This property is located in a prime international destination in the Caribbean. It is near internationally renowned Punta Cana, so it enjoys the services and amenities of this nearby tourist hub; however, its novel location set it apart from the rest. From this location, tourists can enjoy a variety of activities such as scuba diving and snorkeling, golfing, yachting, excellent dining, cruises and tours, excellent spas, children activities, schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and many others.

Why do many investors choose the Dominican Republic???...

The Dominican state offers excellent and significant tax advantages for investors in tourism, resorts and hotel development projects. Tourism projects and hotels in this property may be subject to these incentives.

Tourism is one of the most important job generators of the Dominican Republic. To incentivize tourism, the Dominican state enacted the Confotur law which offers tax incentives for activities that contribute to the tourism industry and encourage real estate and hotel development in underdeveloped areas.

The Confotur law exempts projects to be developed in properties located in underdeveloped tourist zones and localities with tourism potential. This law exempts covered properties from owing some of the taxes ordinarily due.

Any additional details or to schedule a viewing contact me... and it can be in real-time either through WhatsApp / Messenger or FaceTime... Your very own and personal virtual tour!!!

Property listed by colleague Jordi Albertus

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