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Digital Nomads… Is Portugal Viable in the Long Term???

As an ex-pat in Portugal you will be charmingly amazed by the average cost for most everyday items!!! Portugal is quickly becoming one of the world’s top destinations for entrepreneurs… The country’s warm climate, beautiful landscapes and buzzing atmosphere make it a worthy choice for expats, especially given its relatively inexpensive cost of living. Moreover, as an EU member, Portugal is readily accessible for citizens from any other member state. However, freelancers who are Citizens outside of the EU, and who wish to move to Portugal as digital nomad will have to take additional legal steps in order to stay in the country for longer than the maximum of 90 days granted by the tourist visa. The following post offers an overview of the legal procedures and requirements necessary for digital nomads who wish to settle in Portugal but wonder whether a long-term stay is possible for them. Digital Nomad Visa in Portugal Strictly speaking, Portugal does not yet have an official Digital Nomad Visa. However, two different visa programs may be suitable for entrepreneurs and freelancers, as they allow holders to remain in the country and work remotely from within its territory… The Temporary Stay Visa and Visas D2 or D7. Although each one is conceived for a different staying situation, they all require submitting the following documents: ● Form ● Passport valid for at least 3 months, along with two copies of a recent photograph ● Ticket for the return trip ● Travel insurance ● Criminal record from the applicant's country ● A document authorizing the Immigration Department to review the applicant's criminal record ● Proof of accommodation and means of subsistence (a monthly wage of at least 635 euro) Temporary Stay Visa The Temporary Stay Visa grants holders the possibility of staying in Portugal as a non-resident for one year maximum. There are no traveling restrictions, and holders can carry out work, research, studies and internships. As well as the above documents, applicants must submit a work contract or an analogous document and, if necessary, a certificate of compliance with special qualifications for the job. D2 and D7 Visas Both the D2 and the D7 Visas (Independent Worker Visa and Passive Income Visa, respectively) grant holders the status of residents in Portugal. Their validity spans a four-month period, following which holders have to apply for a two-year residency permit, renewable for three more years. There is only one traveling restriction… Holders cannot leave Portugal for longer than 183 days!!! As for their differences, the D7 Visa is conceived for individuals whose main means of subsistence is passive income, whereas the D2 is designed for freelancers and entrepreneurs who wish to establish their business in Portugal. Hence, the latter is the most fitting visa program for digital nomads. In order to apply for the D2 Visa, all of the aforementioned documentation is required. Additionally, it is highly recommended that applicants submit a CV, proof of business from their country of origin, a document detailing the company’s information (e.g. social security number and main contracts) and an account statement from a Portuguese bank. The documentation should confirm the applicant as a digital nomad who can successfully contribute to the Portuguese economy. Upon receiving it, Foreigners and Borders Service officials will then accept or deny the application within 3 months approximately. If you are successful, you will be able to apply for the residency permit and enjoy a long-term stay in Portugal as an independent worker. Remember… Work with a REALTOR® to get started!!!... You’re about to embark on an exciting journey – moving to Portugal!!!!… There’s a lot of information on the internet, but it’s always best to check with reputable professionals, to ensure you’re making the right choices for your personal situation. If you need help with relocating to Portugal, our team of experts can help. Infinite Solutions specializes in assistance with residency and property investment in Portugal. Get in touch to schedule a free 30-minute consultation. We pride ourselves in being part of the decision of more than 500 families making Portugal their new home!!! Always look for the R®!!!

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