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Golden Visa Portugal

Golden Visa Portugal (or Visa Gold Portugal) is the most attractive citizenship by investment or residence by investment program in Europe.

ARI - Residence Permit for Investment Activity...

Officially called the ARI (Autorização de Residência para Atividade de Investimento), the Golden Visa, or Gold Visa, is today Europe's most successful investment residency program.

One of the main advantages of Golden Visa in Portugal is that its requirement for length of stay in the Lusitano country is very low.

It is necessary to spend only 7 days on average over the 5 year period.

After 5 years with ARI, the program offers a path to citizenship and the Portuguese passport.

Because of this, it is considered the treasure at the end of the rainbow for people who want to enjoy the benefits of living in European Citizenship, even without living there permanently.

Main benefits of Golden Visa Portugal:

* Freedom to live in Portugal

* Free pass to travel in Europe despite the limitations of the new ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorization System), which comes into force in 2022 (from then on, Americans wishing to travel in Europe will need an authorization)

* After five years, the holder of the ARI (Gold Visa) can apply for Portuguese citizenship

* Dependent children and parents also qualify for the same benefits

* Need to spend only 7 days a year in Portugal

* Tax regime for non-habitual resident of Portugal with tax benefits

* Variety of investment options for asset diversification

* Security of a second residence in a safe and stable country

* Window of opportunities for the applicant and his family.

Access to the Schengen area and the Portuguese passport...

When you have your Portuguese Gold Visa authorization in hand, you will be registered in the central Schengen Treaty Area system.

Currently, an American or non EU member can visit the countries of the European Union freely as a tourist for up to 90 days.

However, the European Parliament approved the new ETIAS, a law that requires authorization to travel to the countries that make up the treaty and will enter into force in 2022.

With the Portuguese passport, you will have free access in all European countries, without the need for an additional visa.

Currently, 26 countries are part of the Schengen Agreement.

There are countries that are part of the European Union, but that are not in the treaty.

Permanent residence in Portugal and Portuguese citizenship after 5 years:

After five years, you and your family can apply for permanent residence and Portuguese citizenship, with the right to a Portuguese passport.

It is a high-level travel document that allows free transit (without a visa) through 182 countries. Because of this, it is considered one of the strongest passports in the world.

In addition, with the Portuguese passport, you and your immediate family will be able to enjoy all the benefits of a European citizen such as living, working and studying in any country on the continent for a lifetime.

You must fit at least one of the following categories to claim Portuguese residency by investment:

  • Capital transfer of at least €1 million into Portugal

  • Creation of at least 10 job positions in Portugal

  • Purchase property in Portugal worth at least €500,000

  • Acquire real estate in Portuguese urban regeneration areas at least 30 years old to the value of at least €350,000

  • Investing at least €350,000 in scientific research in Portugal

  • Acquire real estate in low density areas at least 30 years old to the value of at least €280,000

  • Investments of €250,000 or more in Portuguese arts, culture, and heritage

  • Investing at least €500,000 in small- and medium-sized businesses in Portugal

Portuguese golden visa holders receive a temporary residence permit for one year. Subsequent visa renewals last for two-year periods. After five years, golden visa holders can then apply for permanent residence in Portugal; after six years, they can apply for Portuguese citizenship.

How to apply for a Portuguese golden visa...

The Portuguese golden visa application can be submitted online via the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service’s (SEF). Online pre-registration is required.

If a legal representative organizes your pre-registration appointment for you, then they must complete it through a different website. After registering, the legal representative must deliver a power of attorney signed by the visa applicant.

Portuguese golden visa applications can also be submitted in-person by the applicant or appointed legal representative to the closest Regional Directorate or local branch of the SEF. Before visiting, make an appointment with the SEF (+351 214 236 625; Monday through Friday, 9:00–17:30).

Documents required

Along with the Portuguese golden visa application, you will need to submit the following documents:

passport or valid identification document

proof of legal entry into Portugal (e.g., Schengen short-stay visa)

proof of health insurance (issued within the last three months)

criminal record certificate from country of origin/residence (issued within the last three months)

evidence of compliance with tax and social security obligations

receipt of payment of the Portuguese golden visa fees

In addition to this, applicants need to show a commitment to maintaining their investment for a minimum of five years. Applicants must also provide evidence of their investment, such as:

a bank statement for financial investment

employment contracts for job creation

deeds of purchase for real estate investment

To renew a Portuguese golden visa, applicants may need to provide evidence that they’ve complied with the minimum stay requirements during the period. Each investment type has its own specific requirements for proving this.

Processing time for a Portuguese golden visa is typically several months. Once a Portuguese golden visa has been processed, the SEF contacts the applicant (or their legal representatives) to set up an appointment.

Portuguese golden visa costs...

The costs of getting a Portuguese golden visa include the following:

* Processing fee (application and renewal): €514.80 (plus €80.20 per family member)

* Initial golden visa: €5,147.80

* Initial golden visa for family members: €5,147.80

* Renewal of golden visa: €2,573.90

Portuguese golden visa fees are payable directly to the SEF.

Portuguese golden visa scheme for family members...

The Portuguese golden visa scheme also allows family reunion. This permits the following family members to join the golden visa holder in Portugal:

* spouse

* minor dependent children

* minor adopted children

* full-age dependent children who are studying

* dependent parents of either the golden visa holder or spouse

* minor dependent siblings who are under the guardianship of the golden visa holder

Family members receive the same rights. They are also eligible for permanent residence after five years and Portuguese citizenship after six. Read more about getting a family visa or Portuguese spouse visa.

Portuguese golden visa citizenship and permanent residence...

In line with general requirements for all residents, Portuguese golden visa holders can apply for permanent residence in Portugal after five years of residence; they can apply for Portuguese citizenship after six years of residence.

There are certain criteria that need to be met, such as proof of income and accommodation, criminal record requirements, and basic level knowledge of the Portuguese language.

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