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Modern Design Villa, Vigo (Rande) - Spain

Atualizado: 11 de nov. de 2022

Modern design villa, wide spaces and large glass windows, located in a viewpoint over the Ria de Vigo.

Between the forest and the sea, incredible views, nature enters the house and in turn the house opens up to her in a very poetic way.

Vigo is a city on the northwest coast of Spain. The mouth of the nearby Vigo estuary is protected by the Cíes Islands, which form part of the Atlantic Islands National Park. The Cíes are known for the rich avifauna and the beach of Rodas, in the shape of a crescent moon, which connects 2 of the islands. The historic center of the city houses the Cathedral of Vigo in neoclassical style. The archaeological site of Castro de Vigo has reconstructed old houses.


-Location: Vigo (Rande) - Spain

-Bedrooms: 4

-Bathrooms: 4

-Garage: 4 Cars



-Built Area: 400 m²

-Land Area: 3,000 m²

-Energy Category: C

-Construction Year: 2002

-Value: 1.400.000 €

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Property listed by Anyta Sousa

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