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Portugal Named One of the Top Five Best Locations to Retire

Portugal held on to its ranking this year as one of the top five best places for spending one’s retirement years.

Portugal is now ranked fifth in the list, considered one of the best places in the world to retire... The ranking is based on the magazine International Living’s 10, which publishes a list of the best places to spend one’s retirement every year.

The annual index ranks the world’s top places to retire based on ten criteria, including the cost of living, climate, health, housing, and retiree benefits, among others. The report focuses particularly on social relations in Portugal: “The Portuguese are warm, friendly and greet everyone with kisses on both cheeks. As English is taught in schools, many Portuguese speak a little English, which makes retirement here a little easier.”

The Index speaks of the advantages to living in Portugal: “It’s no wonder Portugal has topped the lists of the best places to retire over the years.

This tiny country in the southwestern corner of Europe has something for everyone.” From one end of the country to the other, Portugal has something for every taste. Many foreigners choose Portugal as the destination to enjoy their retirement, be it for the long sunny days, or for the low cost of living and fiscal benefits.

Cascais, Lisbon, Algarve, Oporto and North (Minho Region) are some of the more sought-after locations to enjoy this new life chapter.

Foreign pensioners benefit from a specific fiscal regime, integrated in the Non-Habitual Resident status. Furthermore, the cost of living in Portugal is lower when compared to other countries, while the health care provided by the Portuguese National Health System is easily accessible.

The high value of houses in Lisbon – when compared to the rest of the country – is the reflex of the cost and quality of living that a foreign retiree will have to experience here; given the large affluency of tourists, a foreigner will feel “at home” and will not find any problem in speaking English.

The cosmopolitan feeling of the Portuguese capital is very similar to that of other European cities, with the advantage that this one is considered one of the safest in the world.

Spread throughout Lisbon, there are many restaurants proposing flavors from the four corners of the Earth; the large international luxury brands parade between the Avenida da Liberdade, Baixa and Chiado; beautiful gardens in every corner invite for lingering afternoons.

The cultural agenda is very diversified; there is always something going on: expositions, concerts, films, theatre plays and other shows to enjoy. There is a large number of good libraries and bookstores where book lovers can satisfy their reading pleasures immersed in a good volume.

Thirty minutes by train from Lisbon, Cascais has beautiful beaches where it is a delight to jump in the water during the warmer months, and a long boardwalk connecting from Oeiras to Cascais, that calls for long promenades along the shoreline throughout the year.

Golf adepts will find the best greens here; for those more attracted by sailing, there’s plenty of marinas between Lisbon and Cascais.

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