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Portugal Named the 2nd Best Place to Retire in 2024… 6 Key Reasons

Portugal has long been considered a desirable place to retire. Consistent interest in the country as a retirement destination now seems set to increase, with a study naming the country as the 2nd best place to retire in 2024.

Portugal fell behind Costa Rica for the top spot, and ranked above Spain, Greece and France, the other European destinations that made the top ten.

Could You retire to Portugal???

The annual survey was conducted by International Living. It ranked countries on an index that took into account healthcare, governance, property prices, climate, cost of living, housing costs and more. The safety of Portugal was also among the reasons Portugal was named the best place to retire – the country consistently ranks as one of the safest Countries in the world on the Global Peace Index.

It’s far from the first time that Portugal has ranked highly in similar studies. The same survey saw Portugal as the number one destination in 2023, beating all of its European neighbours once again.

So why is Portugal consistently ranked as a TOP retirement destination???

Here I look into 6 key reasons why the country scored so highly – it  might be just what those looking to retire to Portugal need to cement  their decision.

Cost of Living

Portugal’s cost of living is enviably low overall, but particularly notable for the cost of items that would be considered luxuries in plenty of other countries. World-class coffee and wine can prove laughably cheap, as can meals out and day trips across the country on Portugal’s reliable and ever-growing rail network. Compared  to both Northern Europe and the USA, the same budget can buy a retiree a  completely different quality of life in Portugal.

Ease of Integration

Portugal is widely recognised as a welcoming and open country.  A well-settled community of overseas residents also helps to ease  integration, with new arrivals having the choice of established “expat  areas” or more “authentic” towns that prove equally welcoming.

English  is widely understood and spoken – although efforts to learn Portuguese  always pay dividends, and lead to a greater appreciation of the local culture.


With over 300 days of annual sunshine, it’s little wonder that Portugal’s climate is a considerable draw for  retirees. But Portugal’s no one-trick-pony when it comes to weather.  While the Algarve offers Mediterranean-style sun, sea and sand, and the southern Alentejo offers serious heat, the more northern reaches of the country offer respite for those seeking something a little cooler.


Portugal is a down-to-earth country with refreshingly little focus on materialism and “hustle.”The  country is all about outdoor living, leisurely meals, local produce and  family values – things that many feel are lacking in the countries  they’re departing from. If you retire to Portugal, you’ll enjoy a laidback lifestyle with time to enjoy the things you love.


Portugal’s amenities – from the practical to the indulgent – are often modern and world-class.  The country’s focus on tourism means that Portugal is scattered with  golf clubs, sports facilities, glitzy shopping malls, and bars and  restaurants that range from rustic and traditional to expensive and  Michelin-starred. There’s also plenty to do without spending a single  Euro-Cent, thanks to Portugal’s natural beauty and well-established network of hiking and cycling routes.

Healthcare System

Portugal has one of the most inclusive healthcare systems in the world. It doesn’t really matter where you are from, if you need to go to a doctor or an emergency room, chances are you will not be asked to pay more than a local and that’s between €4.50 and €18.

The same applies to your medication. In most cases, if you live in Portugal as a permanent resident and have a National Identification Number (“Número de Identificação Fiscal” or “NIF”) and a Social Security number (“Número de Identificação de Segurança Social” or “NISS”), part of your prescription drugs will be covered by the National Healthcare Service (“Serviço Nacional de Saúde” or “SNS”), just as if you were Portuguese.

“Portugal deserves its run of accolades as a great place to retire. With over 500,000 retirees in Portugal, there’s certainly an established community already waiting for you to enjoy the weather and the facilities, and there is space for plenty more!!!”

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