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Portuguese Wines – Not just about Port!!!

Atualizado: 20 de fev. de 2021

Portugal has never been as successful as it is now with wine production and it is enjoying an incredible surge of popularity across the world.

Offering more than one hundred varieties - whether you want a simple table wine or you are looking for something more specialised and distinct, there is something for every pallet. The unique wines of Portugal vary, depending on which region the grapes were grown, as well as the nuances in soil changes, weather and barrelling.

Port wines have a very high alcohol content, up to 22% and are known for the strict regulations during production. Depending on the crop of grapes, types of wood and length of ageing, each glass is a unique blend of flavours. 

The red wine is younger, and tastes a little sweeter, while the ruby coloured wines have been aged longer with a stronger combination of flavours. The white ports are a golden colour, can be up to 40 years old and are delicious served over ice!

For a wine to go with seafood or poultry, Vinho Verde is a good choice. This is a gently sparkling fresh, light and fruity wine with a lower alcohol content of about 10%. This is a wine that will appeal to all your guests especially when you consider its price!

Eating red meats requires a special wine. Red wines from the Dao region offer deep, dark colours and pair well with spicier meats, game and the infamous cheeses of the region. This region also produces white wines that are filled with citrus undertones and are frequently served with grilled meat.

With so many choices available in foods and wines, calling Portugal your second (or even main) home will ensure you can regularly enjoy an amazing gastronomic experience.

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