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Searching for a house in the second confinement exceeds the first...

Contrary to what happened in March 2020, in January 2021 the number of our webpage views increased by +58%.

Our study, in which the data analyzed the evolution of the demand for properties in Portugal, refer to the comparison of the two confinement periods to which the country has been subjected so far (March 2020 vs January 2021).

According to the results obtained, despite the increase across the country, the districts that most stood out in terms of positive variation between these two periods were Leiria in the Silver Coast (+ 94%), Braga in the North (+51.9%) and Coimbra in the Central (+47.1 %).

The metropolitan areas of Lisbon and Porto also showed a significant evolution since last year. In the months of March and April 2020, there was a decrease in demand for properties in the two main cities in the country (-35.4% and -28.8%, respectively). In January 2021, there was an increase not only compared to December 2020 (+18.1% in Lisbon and + 21.5% in Porto) but also compared to March 2020 (+ 16.2% in Lisbon and +19.8% in Porto).

With regard to the origin of this demand, the countries that registered the highest growth from March last year to January this year were United States (+58%), Spain (+ 55.4%) and United Kingdom (+ 54.7%).

The age profile that was most evident was that of 45-54 years (20.4% in March'20 and 23.8% in January'21) and 35-44 (19.8% and 21.9%).

Women (61.1% in March'20 and 51.6% in January'21) were clearly those who used this tool the most in both periods.

There has been a lot of talk about the change in behavior patterns of the Portuguese from the first to the second confinement and we wanted to understand if these were also found in what they were looking for at home. And the differences are evident. The knowledge of consumers about the global problem we are experiencing is greater, which ends up generating less uncertainty and triggers the demand for the ideal home.

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