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Unique Opportunity for Agro and Wine Tourism - 90 Acres with Riverfront Charm

Welcome to a rare gem nestled in the heart of the Távora - Wine Region, where history, nature, and endless possibilities converge. This expansive property spanning 90 acres is a canvas awaiting your vision—a prime investment opportunity for agro and wine tourism.

Property Highlights

Vineyard Potential:

Embrace the renowned wine culture of the region by transforming a portion of the land into a vineyard. The Távora - Wine Region, celebrated for its sparkling wines, offers an ideal terroir for cultivating exceptional grapes.

Learn more about the DOC Távora - Varosa Wine Region... Terras de Cister (Cistercian Country):

Apple Orchards:

Diversify your agricultural endeavors with the existing apple orchards. Leverage the rich soil and climate to continue the cultivation of this profitable crop, contributing to the region's thriving apple agriculture.

Historic Ruins:

Discover the charm of old-world architecture within the property's historic ruins. With various homes waiting to be restored, envision creating a rustic retreat or boutique accommodation, adding character to your agro-tourism project.

Távora Riverfront:

The property boasts a privileged location, gently confronting the Távora River. Immerse your guests in a serene riverside experience, offering not only scenic views but also the potential for nautical tourism. Explore boat trips and water activities to enhance the overall visitor experience.

Investment Advantages:

Agro and Wine Tourism Potential:

Position your property as a hub for agro and wine tourism, capitalizing on the allure of the Távora - Wine Region. From vineyard tours to apple-picking experiences, create immersive activities that celebrate the region's agricultural bounty.

Scenic Beauty:

The vast landscape of 90 acres provides a canvas for creating visually stunning spaces. Design gardens, walking trails, and outdoor seating areas that showcase the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Nautical Tourism Opportunities:

With riverfront access, tap into the growing demand for nautical tourism. Explore the potential for boat tours, fishing excursions, or waterfront events that capitalize on the tranquil charm of the Távora River.


This property isn't just land; it's a story waiting to be told. Whether you dream of a vineyard estate, a charming agro-tourism retreat, or a riverside haven, this investment opportunity in Moimenta da Beira invites you to shape a unique narrative. Seize the chance to be part of the region's rich heritageand create an immersive experience for those seeking the beauty of nature and the allure of fine wines

Asking Price: 1.3M €

Feel free to connect with us by scheduling a call on our calendar through Calendly, for additional details. 

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