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Atualizado: 24 de jan. de 2021

Collins English Dictionary Definition of Value: The desirability of a thing, often in respect of some property such as usefulness or exchangeability... worth, merit, importance, belief, courage or bravery.

This is one of the words that comes up almost immediately, when I think of real estate. We know what it means, but the question I raise is the following: “Is there a global awareness about the importance and applicability of the concept of value in the various aspects of the real estate market???”...

I would like to invite you to reflect on this topic.

In my view, this concept is transversal to the two dimensions of the sector's essence: real estate and people.

We start with the first. Look at your real estate portfolio. All are unique, however, there are some more valuable than others. The property is, in essence, a material asset, with a set of characteristics, to which a certain value is attributed. The typology, the areas, the location, the architecture firm responsible for the project and the market situation are just some of the variables that can influence its value. In this case, the concept refers to the price. Such a high worth that the above definition mentions. Effectively buying a home requires specific conditions and a certain level of financial availability.

The value of the property is something that is beyond the control of the real estate consultant. It is factors external to you and your action that determine the price to assign.

When we move to the second dimension, people, we observe two groups. On the one hand, we have customers and, on the other, professionals in the sector. It is from the relationship between both that opportunities are born and deals are made.

Look at your customer portfolio. Each has characteristics, a history and needs that make him unique. Based on this assumption, is it possible to assume that each customer has a unique value??? Regardless of your economic strength or the price of the property you are going to sell or buy????

In this case, the value is something intangible that is determined by each real estate consultant. The choice will be made based on your beliefs, professional values ​​and evaluation criteria.

And another question that arises... What is the quality of the professional relationship that each consultant will build with his client???...

Is it a relationship where there is empathy, dedication and trust, synonymous with value???...

If we assume that, value is adding something, yes it will be. In these scenarios, real estate consultants also have the ability to decide the meaning and value they want to assign to their clients and the respective relationships that are established.

Then we come to the person who has chosen to dedicate himself professionally to real estate. A person with a unique value proposition. Something that no one else can offer. There are more than a million professionals in the world. In common, we have a specialization in the field of real estate consultancy, but no two agents work in the same way and offer exactly the same service. Each one will present a proposal that, as a whole, is different, as a result of who they are, the knowledge they have and the way they think, interact, communicate and act.

Finally, I ask one last question: What does it mean to be a valuable real estate agent???... I believe that, in general, the sectors deserve to be represented by talented, honest, successful and accomplished professionals. And it is within the reach of everyone to decide to build a reputation and a personal brand of value recognized for having a positive impact on the market where it operates.

In an area as special as real estate, where there are dreams, goals, emotions, relationships and stories, it also makes sense for it to be so. Do you agree???...

If a real estate consultant wants to increase his value in the professional field, there are four key points that, when integrated and applied in practice, will inevitably generate results in this direction.


Building personal and professional value begins with the decision to take responsibility. For who you are and who you want to be. For strengths and points to improve. For achievements and failures. For internal speech and internal speech. For the dreams that live in thought and objectives manifested in concrete actions. For limiting beliefs and beliefs that raise potential.

Assuming the power of personal power begins with the awareness that there are no magic formulas or shortcuts. It all depends on you. Set priorities, generate action and start a personal leadership process towards achieving goals and professional achievement.


The beauty of the human being begins with its uniqueness. A unique personal brand that is born on the first day of life and evolves over time. A dynamic brand that is built through a personality, beliefs, knowledge, learning and experiences. When there is awareness of this uniqueness and it is valued, the next step is to assume it honestly and truthfully.

Brands are influenced and inspired by others, this is natural, and completely different from copying and imitation. But when there is “collage”, the other brand is different, so authenticity is no longer present.

In your communication and in your actions, assume your essence and your differentiating style. Share with your customers and colleagues who you are, and not a persona that does not correspond to reality.


In a people-to-people business, we have to start with one of the most precious forms of communication for human beings. This soft skill is fundamental in the process of creating value relationships. Understanding skills, active listening and putting oneself in the other's shoes are essential to create connection and trust. Empathy works.

Like???... Studying subjects such as Emotional Intelligence and Neurolinguistic Programming. Through daily actions. In small and large gestures.

Identify people with whom you have conflicts or would like to improve the quality of the relationship and practice.


Individual power rises when it is shared with others. Whether with a client, a colleague, a partner or with your community (online or offline) ask these questions...

How can I contribute???... What can I give???... How can I support???... What can I add???...

The contribution can be in the form of a free piece of communication where you give tips on a topic that you have mastered and that can be useful to your customers. It may be through mentoring with a colleague who has just entered the market. Or it can be an act of social responsibility in which you decide to support a solidary cause with which you identify.

Think about what kind of action you can generate on a regular and consistent basis. In doing so you will be making your unique contribution and raising your personal brand.


Focus on what is within your reach. Transform and elevate your personal power. It is within yourself and is reflected in every choice and every daily action.

Valuing yourself is not an act of selfishness nor does it mean being better than someone else, it just means that you are assuming and celebrating your uniqueness. It will attract customers, opportunities and the fulfillment you are looking for.

Don't try to be like anyone else, just be yourself. And if you think there is room to improve who you are, then do that job. Take the time and invest in that big goal. Creating your best professional version is creating value for yourself and others. And, if value is also courage, as the initial definition shows us, assume yours.

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