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Amar o Minho… Love the Minho…

The Minho Region… One of Portugal’s best kept secrets!!!

Nature, with her fertile hands, extended over the Minho Region a green mantle that covers more than 4,500 square kilometers…

There is no other region in Portugal like it… Proud but generous, immense but at the same time intimate, like a place we recognise as our own, as our home, where we always want to return as if for the first time.

Minho is made of a unique human landscape, capable men and women who have formed a diverse productive sector, who embrace projects that stand out at both a national and international level, who remember age-old skills but see the future with determination and with the will to succeed, as bold as ever.

Note: All the Villages that are located in the Minho Region in the Councils of Monção; Melgaço; Vila Nova de Cerveira; Paredes de Coura; Ponte da Barca and Arcos de Valdevez are eligible for the Golden Visa residency program!!!… Additionally there are permitted villages in the Councils of Caminha; Ponte de Lima; Valença and Viana do Castelo that qualify as well.

Feel free to schedule a call on our calendar if you would like to learn more about on how to be on the path to Portuguese Citizenship through investment.

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