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Benagil Cave

In the Algarve, between Carvoeiro and Armação de Pêra, there are some of the most beautiful rocks and caves in the world. The most well-known of the rock formations is the Cave of Benagil (Gruta de Benagil), where the Algar de Benagil is also located. This gigantic cave is sometimes referred to as the Benagil Cathedral because of the various arches it forms, which, viewed from the outside of the cave, give it the appearance of a cathedral. The imposing aspect of the Cathedral, with its various shades of yellow, remind us of the devastating power of nature. For years, wind and water dug one of the planet’s most fantastic caves, which attracts thousands of tourists to windward Algarve every year.

But the real wonder lies in the inside of the cave. To begin with, its huge size makes us feel like we are in a royal palace. The second thing we notice when we enter the cave is the shape of its spiral walls, which rise up to the algar (the hole in the ceiling). The colour of the walls oscillates between orange, yellow and white, in an explosion of colours so dazzling that it is hard to believe they were not painted by human hands. Another of the phenomena that is cause for admiration is the beach in the interior of the Cathedral of Benagil and its sea water. The sea water acquires a turquoise colour inside the cave, which transports us to a paradisiacal island in the middle of the Pacific.

For all these reasons, the Michelin Guide considered Benagil Cave to be the 15th most beautiful cave in the world.

Windows also found a way to honour this beautiful cave, using a photo to create a screensaver for Windows 10.

Watch the YouTube Video:

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