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Golden Visas Raise 13% More in Investment in February.

Investment captured through the golden visa programme rose to 52.3 million euros, an increase of 13% in February, compared to the same month in 2020.

The Lusa news agency published the figures based on data from the SEF – Foreigners and Borders Service. In February, the investment resulting from the Residence Permit for Investment program totalled 52,318,353.38 euros, 13% more than the previous year (€46.2 million) and an increase of 58% compared to the month before approx. €33 million).

According to the SEF, the Portuguese government issued 100 golden visas in February, 11 through capital transfers and the remaining 89 through real estate acquisitions, 24 of which were for urban rehabilitation. Lusa added that transfers of capital totalled 4.7 million euros, while purchases of real estate accounted for 47.5 million euros, of which 8.6 million euros went to urban rehabilitation.

Since the beginning of the programme in October 2012, the government has also issued 16,265 residence permits to reunited family members (215 this year). The policy has brought in total investments of €5,724,426,273.03 so far. The vast majority of that amount came in by way of the acquisition of real estate (€5,177,461,049.15), with purchases for urban rehabilitation totalling 288,856,120.15 euros. Investments raised through capital transfers reached criterion 546,965,223.88 euros.

These investments have led to the issuance of 8,970 visas for real estate purchases, 801 for urban rehabilitation. Of the latter, 46 went to China, seven to Brazil, five to the United States, four to Pakistan and three to Russia.

A total of 557 visas have been granted due to capital transfers, with just seventeen issued due to jobs creation (no visas have been issued for this in a long time).

Chinese were issued the most significant number of visas (4,837), followed by Brazil (1,001), Turkey (456), South Africa (397) and Russia (366).

Since the beginning of the programme, the government has also issued 16,265 residence permits to regrouped family members.

Sources: LUSA / SEF

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