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HBO’s “House of the Dragon”…The House of Many Nations… Portugal

Atualizado: 30 de out. de 2022

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"Beautiful country" and "we were stunned"… HBO reveals images of the recordings in Portugal of "House of the Dragon"

HBO Max revealed a video with details of the shooting of the series "House of the Dragon" in Portugal, a "beautiful and great country for filming". There is talk of a "great event" for the country.

The series "House of the Dragon" is a prequel to "Game of Thrones"

The streaming platform HBO Max Portugal released images of the recordings of the series “House of the Dragon”, a prequel to “Game of Thrones”, made in Portugal.

In a video entitled “House of Many Nations… Portugal”, which exceeds five minutes in length, it is possible to see images of the recordings made in national territory and hear reports from some of the actors, technicians and producers of the series, including Portuguese elements of the team that participated in the shoots.

Over the five minutes of the video, the filming in Monsanto stands out, with such laudatory opinions from the actors and creators of the series as…

“We were a bit on a whim and our jaws dropped”…

“It is a beautiful country and great for filming” and

“Monsanto was beautiful. There were huge boulders of granite. I could see the view.”

Still on Monsanto, it is explained how this historic village became the “Dragon Stone” of the series…

When we saw Monsanto, on a mountain, we found our Dragonstone… In the original series, Dragonstone was a hillside in northern Spain. There you could only see one facet of the island, the beach, but we needed the rest of the island, we needed a whole world. That’s what we found at the top of that steep mountain in Portugal.”

On the part of the Portuguese team that worked on the filming, statements were heard such as…

“We came to a country that never had a series of this size, we came to a village that has never seen anything on this scale and to a very inaccessible place. This is a big event for Portugal, for our entire industry and for the entire local team”.

On the side of the creators and those responsible for the series, the praise is returned…

“Portugal is a country that we have been trying to promote for some time. It has many opportunities, many locations, excellent technicians and a great industry”.

Revelations are also made, such as the fact that the Air Force collaborated in transporting material for the filming…

“With the help of the President and the entire municipality, the Air Force saw an opportunity to show that they do these services, that they are involved in other operations”. Thus, “the helicopters spent two days carrying the heaviest equipment”.

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