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Lisbon – a Foodie’s Paradise!!!

Atualizado: 20 de fev. de 2021

Everyone loves Lisbon, but it’s not necessarily known as a culinary destination. There is beauty everywhere you look, from the architecture dating back to the Moors, to the hand-painted blue tiles ‘azulejos’ from the 15th century. Lisbon is the city of the seven hills, so why not go on a flavoursome food tour and burn the calories walking up and down those hills – here are our favourite five!

Pasteis De Nata – the famous egg custard tarts invented by monks in Belém centuries ago. Caramelisation makes the top of the pastel de nata look almost burnt – sprinkle with cinnamon to get the true flavour! Enjoy with a shot of coffee known as a bica.

Piri Piri Chicken – spices used to marinate the chicken were first introduced to Europe by Portuguese explorers. This moist barbecued meat flavoured with chillies, olive oil, lemon juice and salt smells delicious and is perfect served with an ice-cold beer such as Sagres or Super Bock.

Chouriço - this popular Portuguese sausage, less spicy than the Spanish version, is flavoured with paprika. Eat this as a snack ‘chouriço assado’, cooked at your table in a flaming clay dish. Also a key ingredient in numerous Portuguese stews.

Bacalhau à brás - salt cod is famously cooked in hundreds of different ways and due to its texture, it can be flaked or shredded without becoming mushy. Bacalhau à brás is made with flaked salt cod, pan-fried with finely cut potato chips, then mixed with creamy scrambled eggs and topped off with black olives and parsley. Real comfort food! 

Ginjinha – this delicious liqueur was invented here; flavoured with sour ginja or morello cherries, it has a tart yet sweet, cinnamon flavour. People queue in the streets for a shot of ginjinha drunk at any time of the day from a tiny glass or a small chocolate cup!!!

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