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Paredes de Coura... “O Couraíso”!!!

Visiting Paredes de Coura means being welcomed, being greeted by everyone as if it were a fellow countryman.

In addition to the ancestral hospitality of the people of Paredes de Coura, the unique beauty of its natural heritage is added, still marked by features of rurality and the building of unparalleled wealth, to which the features of modernity are combined.

Paredes de Coura provides you with a rich agenda of innovative events and "out of the box" initiatives. Come and see for yourself all this and more.

Paredes de Coura is a beautiful village, county seat, located in the green northern region of the country, in the northern interior of Alto Minho, full of history, beauty and peace of mind, bathed by the crystalline Rio Coura.

This is a territory occupied by man since very remote times, with several megalithic monuments throughout the region, such as the Anta de Chã de Lamas, the Serra de Bico, the Serra de Boulhosa or the Chã de Cubos, Castro villages, such as that of the Cividade de Cossourado or of Romarigães, or the diverse legacies of the time of Roman occupation, like the Bridge in Rubiães.

The history of Paredes de Coura, then, has much to tell, from prehistoric times, through the medieval, when it was known as "Terras de Coyra". During the War of Restoration, the county was the center of military operations against Galicia and of defense against Spanish invasions, where the battle was fought here in 1663, which became known as "Combates da Travanca". Since those times, given its fertile soils, the region has become known as “Celeiro do Minho”, maintaining the great cereal production until the middle of the 20th century.

Currently, Paredes de Coura is famous for its great summer festival that offers the most varied musical styles represented by bands of international renown, in an environment of great natural beauty, which for a week, changes its facet to an alternative environment, while maintaining always its magical bucolic aspect, attracting a large number of visitors.

The village of Paredes de Coura has a vast legacy of archaeological heritage, fascinating with its bucolic and peaceful streets that house monuments such as the Chapels of Espírito Santo and Nossa Senhora da Conceição, the beautiful building of the Paços do Concelho, the various Minho mansions and stately homes in the region, such as the beautiful Casa Grande or the Palace of Miguel Dantas, among many others that spread throughout the region.

But the Natural Heritage is what most marks the region, highlighting the Protected Landscape Area of ​​Corno de Bico, and all the natural landscapes of hills, valleys, waterfalls, boulders or the crystal waters of the Coura River that produce a typical vegetation lush, and offer a pleasant River Beach.

Paredes de Coura also offers the interesting Regional Museum, which exposes the rich history and archaeological, ethnological and heritage legacy of the region, and the recent Cultural Center, stage of the most varied activities.

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