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Rustic Stone Cottage for Renovation - Vila Nova de Cerveira

Atualizado: 6 de mai. de 2022

Main house on two levels in “L” shape and with several annexes. All in granite and for full restoration. Total Construction area rounds 300 square meters and total land area rounds 1.200 square meters.

Me, along with my trusted architect and builder, can transform this property and make this unique idyllic haven your very own PARADISE within a year...

Big bet also for the sector of "Rural Tourism" or "AL"... Buying this property, I will arrange and set up all necessary paperwork, for a strong and rising business in today’s economic adversities... “Leave it to me”!!!... 

Property can be sold as is and with time it will only appreciate in value... “Just sit on it for a while”... and in a year or two I will be here to list and sell your INVESTMENT!!!... A gem of property that has characteristics like no other!!!

-Location: Covas - Vila Nova de Cerveira 

-Value: 100.000€

Property listed by Anyta Sousa

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