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Rustic Stone Cottage for Renovation - Paredes de Coura

Atualizado: 8 de fev. de 2021

Thinking of investing in Real Estate today and don’t know where... May I propose this sound property...

Small farm with rustic stone house on two levels for full renovation. Total construction area: 240 square meters. Total land area rounds 900 square meters. Location with easy access and close to Center of Paredes de Coura. 

-Location: Venade - Paredes de Coura

-Valor: 75.000€

Me, along with my architect and builder of confidence, can transform this property and make this your countryside refuge...

Big bet also for the sector of "Rural Tourism" or "AL"... Buying this property, I will arrange and set up all necessary paperwork, for a strong and rising business in today’s economic adversities... “Leave it to me”!!!... 

“Don’t take my word for it... References upon request!!!”

“The biggest gains in real estate investing belong to those who enter the market during times of crisis!!!”

Property listed by Anyta Sousa

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