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The Ilustrious Casa Ramires

Have you ever considered owning a piece of Portuguese History in the Douro Region where the world renowned Port Wine comes from???... I present to you “The Ilustrious House of Ramires”... The construction of the Torre da Lagariça dates from the first half of the 12th century and has a total construction area of 934 m² and total land area that rounds 6 hectares. Value: 990.000€

"A Ilustre Casa de Ramires" - Casa da Torre da Lagariça Property classified as of Public Interest since 19 September 1977 by Decree No. 129/77, DR, 1st series, No. 226 of 29 September 1977.

The Torre da Lagariça was the place of visit and inspiration of the writer Eça de Queiroz for the novel, "A Ilustre Casa de Ramires". The construction of the Torre da Lagariça dates from the first half of the 12th century. The tower is a solid military turret with square plan lines, which served as a lookout point and prison, and later the houses were built around the tower and turned into a dwelling for the gentlemen of Torre da Lagariça.

The tower was intended to defend the Douro line at the time of the Christian reconquest, serving as the watchtower tower, but its military function lost its meaning with the establishment of the northernmost borders. In the 16th century, Torre da Lagariça was acquired by the Brasonada Pinto family, Lords of Torre da Chá and Paço de Covelas.

It is located in the parish of S. Cipriano, in the municipality of Resende. In addition to the "Illustrious House" the farm has beautiful fields of cultivation and fruit trees, the Eira Velha, the highest point of the farm where, it is said, Eça sat to admire the landscape and write the novel, the niches of the Via Sacra, the Tanque das Murtas, the gardens of romantic inspiration, the forest with stone benches, and a replica of the tower that served as a loft.

Any additional details or to schedule a viewing contact me... and it can be in real-time either through WhatsApp / Messenger or FaceTime... Your very own and personal virtual tour!!!

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