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Ultra Modern Luxury 3BR Villa with Pool Caminha

Atualizado: 15 de abr. de 2021

Completely new single family house, avant-garde architecture, set on a slope, and located less than 10 minutes from Moledo and area beaches or Village of Caminha, 5 minutes from the accesses of the A28 motorway with Porto less than 40 minutes away.

The house has 250m2 of construction area on two levels with plot size of 890m2.

The location where the property is inserted stands out for its unobstructed views of the sea, country and mountainside. The house developed is practically all at the level of the first floor, thus offering a unique view and landscape, with the Ground Floor destined to the entrance area, the parking, the outside leisure area, gardens and swimming pool.

The house was developed and executed with the latest construction techniques and the best air conditioning and comfort systems installed.

Note the installation of:

- automatic blinds and curtains,

- "Touch" glass lighting controls,

fully equipped kitchen,

- water radiant floor heating coupled to a heat pump on all floors,

- water fan coil units coupled with an inverter heat pump,

- solar panels for domestic hot water with a 200 liter accumulator,

- aluminum frames with thermal break and Guardian Sun double glazing,

- sound insulation on all interior and exterior walls,

- thermal insulation from the outside ETICS system

- Automatic irrigation system in the garden

- oak veneer and white lacquered carpentry with hidden hinges and stainless steel fittings.

The outdoor infinity pool with cascade has an automated water treatment system (PH and salt) with heat pump for heating...

Idyllic place to relax in harmony with the elements that surround it and where the landscape has the main role.

Energy certification “A”

Value: 740.000 €

Video Yotube:

Property Listed by Anyta Sousa

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