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Vila Nova de Cerveira… A Best Kept Secret!!!

Discovering uncommon places can be an enriching experience, offering fresh perspectives and unique opportunities. These lesser-known locations often harbor hidden gems, such as untouched natural beauty, distinct cultural practices, or untapped real estate potential that mainstream spots cannot offer.

By exploring these areas, individuals can escape the crowded and over-explored tourist destinations, finding tranquility and a deeper connection to local traditions and communities.

Overall, getting to know uncommon places can lead to more personalized and fulfilling experiences in travel, living, and investing.

Vila Nova de Cerveira is a beautiful Vila Minhota, county seat, right in the  northern region, overlooking the Minho River that separates it from the  Spanish village of Góian.

Border village, it developed around its walls, which protected it from Spanish  attacks, situated in a region of great natural beauty.

The origin of the name Vila Nova de Cerveira derived from a large deer colony (stags) that existed in the region. 

The  occupation of the banks of the river Minho begins in prehistory, and  there are already several traces detected in the county, through carved  pebbles and rock engravings. However, one of the main discoveries was the grave treasure of the White Water Quinta, belonging to the Bronze Age and whose estate is integrated in the treasures of the National  Archaeological Museum.

The borders, however, continued to be the scene of clashes and disputes between the Portuguese and Spanish culminating in the nineteenth century with the Restoration Wars. To protect the village, the Governor of Arms  of Minho had two fortifications built, the Atalaia do Alto do Lourido  and the Fort of Lovelhe.

Historical village, predominantly rural, but with some industries that have  developed in recent years, Vila Nova de Cerveira is famous for its prestigious Biennial of Plastic Arts, which attracts many visitors and renowned national and international artists to the Bienal Cerveira, held since 1978.

Its many palatial houses, emblazoned and typical Minho manor houses give it  a manorial tone, which denotes the importance and economic power over  the centuries, enriching the beauty of the village, itself surrounded by  an idyllic environment of green mountains and copious streams of water.

The gastronomy of the region is influenced by the richness of the Rio Minho which also offers indescribable panoramas, and the offer of catering in Vila Nova de Cerveira is of quality, especially dishes such as lamprey, shad or the much appreciated mullet.

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