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What are the main university Cities in Portugal???

If you intend to live and study in Portugal, learn about the university cities in Portugal and the list of the main universities in the country. Choosing a course that suits you and a city that has your lifestyle are some of the main factors for doing well living abroad.

How is higher education in Portugal???

Higher education in Portugal is divided between public and private universities. In addition to universities, Portugal has several higher-level Polytechnic Institutes. Altogether there are 123 universities and higher education institutes. All public universities in Portugal are paid and in many of them there are different prices for national citizens and foreign students.

What are the university cities in Portugal???

There are several university cities in Portugal and good universities to study. The first step is to search for a course in your area, check the application dates and gather the necessary documentation to send to the university. In addition, it is important that you research the cost of living in the city to study in Portugal, the price of the course fee and how you will support yourself. Portugal is a European country with a large student offer and many course options. Most who come to live in Portugal mainly opt for the Erasmus + Program, an exchange program lasting one or two semesters. In addition to the Masters, Doctoral and post-doc research programs. In this way, it is possible to study in Portugal at a public or private university. All universities are paid, including public ones. In some cases, there are also different values ​​for those who are Portuguese citizens (or with dual citizenship) and for those who are foreigners. Among the main university cities in Portugal are:


The University of Coimbra is one of the most prestigious in Portugal and the oldest in the country (founded in 1290). With 25 thousand students, more than 5 thousand of them are of foreign origin. In addition to being a historic city, Coimbra is one of the most important university cities in Portugal. With a busy nightlife, it is possible to live in a university residence, dormitory or renting a room and sharing an apartment. It is important to know that Portuguese universities have several campus buildings and living close to where you are going to study helps a lot with your daily commute and to save money on transport.


The capital Lisbon is among the top cities to study in Portugal. With several public and private universities, among the main ones are:

  • University of Lisbon

  • New University of Lisbon

  • Lusófona Catholic University of Portugal

  • Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon

  • ISCTE – University Institute of Lisbon

  • Autonomous University of Lisbon “Luís de Camões”

With several campuses spread across the city, it is important for students to research the options for courses in their area and how much they will spend to maintain themselves monthly. University residences always help to achieve a lower cost of living in Lisbon.


In the north of the country is the city of Porto. With three campuses, the University of Porto is an important educational institution in Portugal. So, if you are looking for a city to study in Portugal this can be a great option. Porto is a lively city, with great attractions and activities. In addition to bars and clubs, university life in Porto is one of the best in Portugal. With 14 faculties and a Business School, there is a great educational offer to study at the University of Porto. The University currently has more than 32,000 students, of which more than 6,000 are international students.


Braga is considered one of the university cities in Portugal and that's not for less. With the University of Minho, the public university attracts students from different parts of the world. In all, there are three university campuses: one in Braga (Gualtar campus) and two in Guimarães (Azurém campus and Couros campus). The surroundings of the university live a university life with bars, cafes and restaurants. In addition, most of the nearby buildings are rented to UMinho students. The university also has university residences and is also very close to the INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, which has more than 2,500 researchers.


The charming city of Aveiro is also on the list of university cities in Portugal. The University of Aveiro has more than 12,000 students and is ideal for those looking for a university city, but with an inland and beach atmosphere. In addition, Universidade de Aveiro has 20 departments and schools and several campuses. The University Campus of Santiago and the Campus do Crasto, in Aveiro and the teaching centers of Águeda (School of Technology and Management of Águeda) and Oliveira de Azeméis (School of Design, Management and Production Technologies Aveiro Norte).


In the interior of Portugal, there is the city of Covilhã. Located in Serra da Estrela (where there is snow in Portugal), the University of Beira Interior is a public university with more than 7 thousand students. Considered one of the university cities in Portugal, it is a small city, but with good options for courses to study in Portugal and at a lower cost. Find out what it's like to live in Covilhã in Portugal with quality of life and lower cost.


In the Portuguese Islands, the University of the Azores stands out. It has university centers on the three islands: São Miguel (city of Ponta Delgada), Terceira (city of Angra do Heroísmo) and Faial (city of Horta). With over 4 thousand students, the University of Azores has bilateral agreements with 20 European countries, for exchange between university students.

What Visa do you need to study in Portugal???

To study in Portugal you need a D4 visa, the student visa, and is required for all non EU Citizens. Thus, the visa must be made while still in your home Country, after being approved by the Portuguese university (letter of acceptance or enrollment). With the study visa it is also possible to carry out family reunification for your children and spouse.

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