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2021 and the Real Estate Sector

What the world will look like in 2021 and the real estate sector.  These are questions that all of humanity asks.

The truth is that nobody knows for sure what will happen. The world is full of visionaries who announce things that would never happen.

In any case, it is certain that trends, market inertia and current events, which are here to stay, mark the way forward. If we can read what it tells us, we will be able to have a solid idea of ​​where things are going.

People, before all of us, are immobile by nature. We hate changes, especially if they were not promoted by us. They cause us allergies.

There is something called a "comfort zone".  It is not something physical, it is an area marked by our mind.  It's where we are really comfortable, where we have everything under control, where we know what's going to happen, where we want to be, etc.  Our work, our home, our vacation spot, our knowledge, our family, our friends, our TV shows, etc.

Leaving the comfort zone is entering the jungle, pursuing new goals, learning, taking chances.  Hit and win or miss and lose.  Something that terrifies most human beings.

Well, it turns out that without looking for it or wanting it, we suddenly find ourselves in a situation where we were all forced to leave that place so cozy and safe. We are in no-man's-land.  In the so-called "Learning" or "Panic" zones.  Everyone should know for sure where they are based on their level of stress and tension.

These changes are causing an upheaval in our current system.

Everything is changing to never be the way it was before.

They will be worse or better for each one depending on how we manage to adapt. Important phrase where they exist:

“The species that survive are not the strongest, nor the fastest, nor the most intelligent;  but those who are better adapted to change ". CHARLES DARWIN

Let's learn and take the opportunity to redirect our life and our profession to where we like it. We will not be carried away by the wind.

But what is coming for us???

By the end of 2020 and especially in 2021, things will change a lot.  For some it will be a great opportunity, for others a cataclysm.

Certain professions, sectors of activity, business areas, etc.  they will be wiped out or simply disappear.

Others, on the contrary, will flourish in the light of new situations and many more will be born.

In all businesses and in the approach of their natural clientele, their products or services, their distribution channels, their income statements, how they work, etc. A careful study must be done, as the rules have changed.

People's habits have also changed, and more than they will. People have changed. Society has changed. It cannot be that we do not want to change and continue to do the same in the same way. What worked before may not work now, or not at all.

Logistics, distribution, online world, health, security, technology, communications, domestic tourism, etc., they are all expanding sectors.

With regard to the real estate world, which is my world, changes are also occurring and more are going to happen.

The concern that a large part of the population has about economic stability, employment, pensions, etc.  they will cause an increase in the number of small investors seeking refuge for their real estate savings. But always seeking to obtain profitability safely.

For them, real estate agents must develop new services not only to sell real estate, but also to help our clients in the front (pre-purchase) and in the post-purchase or sale (post-sale).

Many other changes are already happening. People are looking for more space. Many realized, in the confinement stage, that their home is not what they need. They have needs that need to be met that have been improved in recent months.

But not all people will act the same way. Professionals who have the possibility of hybrid work (teleworking and face-to-face) will demand residential properties at acceptable distances from large centers (maximum 1 hour).

The areas of influence of the new logistics ports will experience rapid growth in volume and price.

Traditional trade will be a highly penalized sector. Facilities located in prime areas of cities will suffer, but will remain. In the peripheries, these types of properties, in many cases, will be empty... Or can they be converted into a home???...

New forms of leisure are developing and some, already expired by previous crises, will not survive.

National and international tourism is also changing. In areas where their impact is very large at the real estate level, they will be greatly affected. But that is not bad in itself. They will change habits. More people will want to live and enjoy longer stays in attractive areas and in other areas will be affected.

But I don't want to be a pessimist. It is up to each of us how we are going to face the new situation.  Much of my competition will disappear and new ones will appear. Let's be smart, let's think, let's talk to our customers to discover their new needs, let's be humble and innovative.

Today more than ever it is necessary to share knowledge, share business, share joys, share sadness, etc. In short, to be a SOCIETY.

The world will no longer be Online or Offline, it will be Hybrid and, above all, GLOBAL...

I have been working to achieve this goal for almost 20 years. I have a Hybrid real estate business, true international channels for customer loyalty, services that assist my clients in any and all needs they may have directly or indirectly related to the real estate world.

Enter the 21st century hand in hand with a professional REALTOR®...

“If you walk alone, you will go faster;  if you walk together, you will go further”

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