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6 Tips for Investing in the Portugal Real Estate Market

When buying a property, you are acquiring a tangible asset that depreciates little when compared to other types of investment. Investing in real estate is safe and profitable In addition, 2022 is turning out to be a great year for real estate in Portugal. Projections for the next two years do not indicate a slowdown in this dynamics of buying and selling real estate. But you have to know how to invest. More than understanding the right moment, it is important to understand the market and understand what it asks for. Therefore, it is essential that you follow certain practices before investing in the Portuguese real estate market. Here are my six good tips. 1 – Define your goal Before investing in real estate, define your goal. Want to buy to sell for a higher value???… Or do you want to buy to have profitability with the lease of the property???? Bear in mind that if you want to buy to sell for a higher value, you may have to wait for the right timing until the property appreciates to the amount you want. If your intention is to lease, you will certainly be able to do so more quickly. 2 – Do good market research Understand what the market asks for. “Feel the ground” before buying or investing in real estate. Search, talk to people in the area where you want to do business, analyze the values ​​of neighboring properties and reflect well. Don't be carried away by the euphoria of profitability that the property may have had in the past. That doesn't mean it will happen in the future. Think, analyze and ask yourself why to buy that property. 3 – Choose an attractive area Do you want to rent your property and have a certain income every month???… So, it will probably be better to choose a residential area or close to a university campus, where the demand for rental housing is high. Do you prefer to invest in a property aimed at tourism???… In this case, historic city centers, bathing or rural areas are the areas to focus on. If you want to invest in a property for commercial purposes, then you should bet on an area close to business centers or high daily traffic.

4 – Talk to a professional Just as you talk to healthcare professionals when you are sick, just as you go to a financial professional for advice on tax matters, you should also consult a REALTOR® before investing in real estate. A REALTOR® has experience and knows how to identify good investments and negotiate them as best as possible. In addition to making a safer investment, this professional can help you with the following tip… TIME!!! Not everyone has the time needed for this activity. By using a REALTOR®, you can focus on your professional activity and, at the same time, do business in the real estate sector. 5 – Take advantage of opportunities In the real estate area, opportunity makes business!!!… Talk to inhabitants of the area in which you want to invest. There is always someone who knows someone else who wants to sell their house or other type of property. Often, it is through word of mouth that the best deals are made. 6 – Keep up to date Try, whenever possible, to deepen your knowledge about real estate investments in Portugal . Update yourself through the press and specialty books. Be aware of what is happening in the real estate world in other cities and in other countries as well. Now, in the digital world, new ways of doing business are emerging. Find out what they are and learn about new trends. The more knowledge you have in the area, the better deals will emerge!!! Link to schedule call on Calendly

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