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“Dia de Reis” - King’s Day...

Todays is the King's Day celebration in Portugal...

The Day of Kings is a Christian tradition dating back to the 8th century, of biblical origin, which celebrates the day when Jesus Christ, newborn, had received the visit of Eastern magicians (Belchior, Gaspar and Baltazar).

It is in Spain that this date is most desired by the majority of the population. Traditionally, it is the day of opening the presents (those who have resisted the temptation until now), since it was the Magi who took the gifts to the baby Jesus (gold, frankincense and myrrh)

In Portugal, the tradition dictates that in the night of 5 to 6 the Janeiras (traditionally religious songs) are sung, door-to-door, receiving in return some 'mimos' that go from food to money.

In addition, the famous king cake is eaten, which until recently had inside it a bean and a small metal toast. However, the hypothesis of being inadvertently swallowed up with this tradition. At the time of the implantation of the Republic, the bolo-rei became, for some time, 'natal cake'.

In 1911, there was even a parliamentary proposal, rejected, to change the name to 'cake republic'. In any case, today there is one more reason to meet with the family at the table and say goodbye to another Christmas cycle... Feliz dia de Reis!!!

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