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Escaping to the Country: Will City Living Lose It’s Appeal After the Pandemic???...

In the midst of the pandemic, and with a new order of confinement and lockdown to take place here in Portugal and other parts of the World, priorities have shifted... You don't simply look for housing anymore... “YOU LOOK FOR A HOME!!!”...

Living through the pandemic and lockdown has left many of us rethinking our homes, and where we live, in ways we may never have imagined. When your entire life takes place within the confine of the walls of your home, how much space you have and what that space looks like takes on new meaning. During lockdown some people have missed their home – or rather coming home – as it’s been turned into a workplace or school rather than a place of calm and relaxation.

As we look to a new normal how will we incorporate our new habits, hobbies, working patterns and lifestyles into our homes???... For some, COVID has triggered a reappraisal of city dwelling...

How will our experiences of lockdown influence future living – and what might this mean for rural places???... Comfortable, private, reclused homes, where you can enjoy your family life as well as fit all the adequate standards of home, office and work... Financially, some people are starting to view countryside properties as offering better or good value-for-money compared to flats and houses in City locations...

COVID-19 has led people to reassess and reduce the frequency and time they spend commuting, and this will lead more people to want to work from home and we will see greener and more energy efficient homes in the countryside.

“These may be short-lived ideas in which the countryside appears a safe place and the City becomes the center of all uncertainties, but as soon as the pandemic crisis is over, will the City become the center again???”... In my opinion, we will have to wait a year or so to see it’s full impact and trend!!!

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