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Europe’s Sunniest Country

Founded in 1143 by D. Afonso Henriques, Portugal stabilized definitively its borders during the following century, becoming this way one of the oldest countries in the World. This situation contributed certainly to the strong cultural identity and the inner unity.

Its privileged location in the southwest of the Iberian Peninsula, near the Atlantic Ocean, determined its vocation, launching the nation, in the 15th century, into the epic Discoveries. Portugal was the first country to discover the Atlantic Route to India, Brazil and China, and, at the same time, began to create roots in the east and west coasts of Africa, leaving everywhere the testimony of the Portuguese language and culture.

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Its spontaneous and generous people opened up to the new cultures and gave its vital contribution to the emergence of a new Europe. Names such as Infante D. Henrique, D. João II or Vasco da Gama marked the progress of the nation. The Discoveries Dynasty marked the Lusitanian golden age, with the Portuguese tearing apart the limits of the known world and promoting the global encounter of cultures.

After the Revolution of 25th of April in 1974, Portugal became a democratic country, and rich in the diversity of its landscape, it has a rich historical and cultural heritage, a delicious gastronomy, its beaches and golf courses are recognized all over the world, its mountains are excellent for a few days rest, and has good infra-structures. Besides all that, its landscape is full of medieval castles, churches, cathedrals, palaces, solar and feudal houses, which testify a long and rich history. The Portuguese people are known for their hospitality and the traditional and refined way they greet foreigners.

Portugal also seduces by its climate. On the continent it varies significantly from region to region, being influenced by the topography or by the proximity to the sea, but it is generally mild and sunny. In the region of Azores the precipitation is heavier but the weather is pleasant, and Madeira has a sub-tropical climate.

In addition to these qualities, the awards concerning tourism and, more recently, wine tourism, are a constant. In 2021, for instance, Portugal was awarded with bringing home more than 20 national distinctions and European awards from the World Travel Awards (the "Oscars” of the Tourism industry), what proves the quality of our tourism. Portugal has been awarded by all kind of entities, newspapers or magazines, such as The Guardian, Condé Nast Traveller, Expresso, Forbes, The New York Times and El País; television channels like the northern-American CNN, companies, international tourism associations like the Best Of Wine Tourism, Great Wine Capitals or Catavinum World Wine and Spirits Competition, sites and press specialized in the sector.

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