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Fortified city on the bank of the River Minho, its suevo name Orosion was translated into Latin as Mons Sanctus which evolved into Portuguese Monção. In 1291, the Portuguese king D. Afonso III gave it a charter and, in 1306, D. Dinis had the old defensive castle built, whose walls still welcome visitors.

Overlooking the river Minho, with its pleasant terraces and viewpoints, such as the esplanade of the Neris, no one would say that it was the scene of fierce fighting waged in other times between the kingdoms of Portugal and Castile. And even less that three women distinguished themselves bravely: Deuladeu Martins, Mariana de Lencastre and Helena Peres. Today, the memory of the old wars is revived in the charming popular tradition of the Coca Festival, celebrated every year on Thursday, Corpus Christi Day.

The 17th century walls guard the historic center, where the monuments of the Igreja Matriz, Igreja da Misericórdia and Igreja de Santo António dos Capuchos stand out. Outside, Caldas de Monção complement a city visit, with its therapeutic waters.

In the surroundings, the Church of Longos Vales, a precious example of Romanesque architecture, and the noble Brejoeira Palace, where the famous Alvarinho green wine is produced, complete the Monção heritage.

Sources & Credits: Câmara Municipal de Monçao / Turismo de Portugal / Francisco Costa

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