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Ponte de Lima

The Roman bridge that crosses the Lima River in this place gave origin to the name of this old village. The first charter was granted in 1125 by D. Teresa, the mother of the first King of Portugal, even before the foundation of the kingdom.

In the center of a rich agricultural region, where the famous Vinho Verde is produced, its heritage includes a large number of manor houses and mansions, many of which currently offer accommodation in the form of Residential Tourism.

This traditional village registers great animation on the sand of the banks of the river every other two weeks when the original fair of the Middle Ages takes place, where another traditional event "A Vaca das Cordas" is also held in June. In September, the village registers great excitement with the holding of the Feiras Novas, the county festivals.

Ponte de Lima is one of the four municipalities that make up the Lima Valley. In this region, traveling the “Rota dos Gigantes” is a way to get to know the places where four great historical figures were born that took Portugal to the four corners of the world.

Fernão de Magalhães, the Navigator, from Ponte da Barca, led the first circumnavigation trip proving that the Earth is round. In Ponte de Lima, Beato Francisco Pacheco (The Saint) was born, Messenger of the Society of Jesus and one of the first Jesuit missionaries in Japan. João Alvares Fagundes (the Discoverer), from Viana do Castelo, explored and discovered Newfoundland in the North Atlantic, important cod fishing area. Originally from Arcos de Valdevez was Father Himalaya, the inventor, scientific scholar of renewable energies who represented Portugal at the Universal Exhibition in St. Louis, in the United States.

The “Ponte Velha” marks the landscape of Ponte de Lima like no other architectural element in the village. Don't settle for contemplating from a distance and cross the bridge on foot. Enjoy canoeists training on the Lima River. And, when you reach the right bank of the river, be sure to notice the Church of Santo António da Torre Velha. Very close, right at the beginning of Parque do Arnado, is the curious Chapel of Anjo da Guarda.

“The ex-libris of Ponte de Lima, which together with the river that bathes the village, gave the town its name, is its bridge. In reality, it is a set formed by two bridges: a larger, medieval section, which begins on the left bank and extends to the Church of Santo António da Torre Velha. Then, the remaining section of the Roman bridge. There are only five arches from the large arch that is on a dry bed. If you go down you will also see the foundations of Torre Velha, perhaps the first of the medieval defensive system”. - Ponte de Lima Tourism Office


1. Delight yourself with the wonderful Sarrabulho Rice (Papas de Sarrabulho) accompanied by a Vinho Verde

2. Venture out on the Ecovias, Routes and Trails

3. Discover the Portuguese Toy Museum

4. Discover the Parties and Pilgrimages (Festas & Romarias)

5. Enjoy the magnificent views of several viewpoints

6. Visit the Arnado Theme Park

Listen to what a Polish / Belgium and Dutch living there have to say:

Sources & Credits: Câmara Municipal de Ponte de Lima / Turismo de Portugal / 360º Portugal / Ricardo Brito / José Costa Lima

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