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Portugal Golden Visa for Americans… What’s the Catch???

Portugal Golden Visa has always been a popular program among many Americans who are looking for residency in Europe. Apart from its obvious benefits Portugal Golden Visa offers Americans mobility in Europe; a solid Plan B and possibly a profitable investment. If you’ve always heard about Portugal Golden Visa but still couldn’t decide if it’s right for you, we’ve got you covered. In a quest to serve our friends from the US, we thought it would be useful to divide the investors from the US into three different categories and examine their profiles closely: Retirees, Plan B seekers, and crypto investors. Portugal Golden Visa for Retirees According to the Annual Global Retirement Index 2022, Portugal is the fourth best country to retire in. This is no surprise, considering what the country offers: good weather, a safe environment, and affordable living. Here’s what retirees get when they opt for a Golden Visa in Portugal: Easy Travel Within Europe… Portugal has a very central location and good connections with the rest of Europe. If you've always delayed your travel plans to your retirement years, why not consider Portugal? Most American retirees I’ve spoken to have said that their retirement dream is to travel within the continent without any bureaucratic restrictions and Portugal Golden Visa is an ideal way to secure this. Enjoying a Relaxed Life… Are you fed up with the big city life and looking for peace of mind and some privacy???… If you’ve already started hunting for houses, don’t miss out on the interior and low-density areas of Portugal, which are still eligible for Golden Visa applications. Nowadays, these areas are the dearest among US citizens who want to spend their retirement days close to nature. A Vacation Home… If you’ve just retired and are not ready for a full relocation to another country, Portugal Golden Visa covers you. The stay requirement for Portugal Golden Visa is only 7 days the first year and 14 days in subsequent years. So once you invest in a house in Portugal that qualifies for Golden Visa, you can use it as your summer house until you decide to live there permanently. Better yet, you can rent it out for some extra income during this transition period. Portugal Golden Visa for Plan B Seekers In today’s world, having a Plan B is not an option anymore, it’s a must. Considering the current political and social atmosphere, having a Plan B in a safe country has become more important than ever for US citizens. If you’re one of those who want to make sure your children will have a solid Plan B in the future, investing in a Portugal Golden Visa might be your ideal bet.

A Safety Net… Portugal ranks fourth among the safest countries in the world according to the Global Peace Index. This is a huge motivation for investors who want to secure their family's future in a safe country. Apart from safety, the quality of life in Portugal is among the best in Western Europe, accompanied by a nice and mild climate. In short, Portugal has it all!!! Flexible Requirements… Again, Portugal Golden Visa’s flexible stay requirements make it appealing if you want citizenship in an EU country, but can’t move out of the US due to business interests or your children’s education. You spend seven days the first year and fourteen days the subsequent years in Portugal every year, and after five years you become eligible for citizenship????… Fair enough!!! Portfolio Diversification… If you want to diversify your investment portfolio in Europe, you can consider investing in real estate and a qualifying fund and getting a Portugal Golden Visa. The real estate market is growing rapidly and commercial properties are getting a lot of attention with the new regulations. If you’re a real estate investor who doesn’t want to stay limited to the US market, you can check out the real estate options in Portugal. You’re more financially savvy???… Go through the qualifying investment funds that are available for different types of risk profiles.

Portugal Golden Visa for Crypto Investors Crypto investors make up a growing number of the US investors we speak to every week. If you’re a crypto investor, here are some reasons to consider getting a Portugal Golden Visa. A Secure and Profitable Investment… If you want to secure your crypto earnings through a tangible asset, the real estate option under Golden Visa can be ideal. You can also opt for Portugal Golden Visa investment funds as you’re already familiar with non-traditional investment routes. There are even funds that focus on crypto investments, which allows you to continue your exposure in the crypto category. Tax Benefits… Portugal’s crypto-friendly environment is surely attractive. In Portugal, traders and investors aren’t subject to certain taxes on their crypto earnings. Also, the crypto community in Portugal is growing. By making a real estate or fund investment in the country, you can open doors to endless networking opportunities. Bottom Line… Portugal Golden Visa stands out with various investment methods that cater to different types of investors while offering them unique benefits that other Golden Visa programs fail to do. If you’re an investor from the US, who wants to get a second residency that can lead to citizenship on rather easy terms, make sure you check out how Portugal Golden Visa can be beneficial for you. Portugal Golden Visa: Portugal Golden Visa Changes as of January 2022: Want to know more about the most crypto-friendly Nation in Europe:

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