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Resort Living in Portugal

Do you still remember your last vacation spent in a Portuguese resort???… Do you remember lying by the pool and thinking you could do that every day of your life???… We have great news… We can help you make that dream come true!!!… Why decide to live in a cozy and serene place in Portugal???… Buying a house in Portugal is the dream of many, but buying a house in a coastal region and having all the perks that a resort can offer transcends any dream!!!… If you still don't know the advantages of living permanently in a resort, keep reading this post and you'll see that nothing could be better. We have gathered some questions and answers related to the search for a property in a gated community… Is it safe to live in a gated community??? The level of security in a resort can be considered higher than the level of an ordinary home. In a resort, there is the advantage of having the reception open 24 hours and video surveillance systems throughout the area. However, Portugal is one the safest Countries in the world (Global Peace Index) and the crime rate is very low, and this is felt when walking on the street at any time of day. Now that we live in a new era where social distancing is the rule and hygiene of all surfaces is paramount to health, in a resort you won't have to worry about that. All rules imposed by the health authority are strictly followed in all hotel complexes. What is it like to live in a gated community??? We could answer with just the word “comfort”, but living in a resort in a gated community is much more than just a word. Imagine coming home after a day of work, and choosing the best activity to relax or daily feel in vacation mode by the pool. Waking up surrounded by manicured and green gardens, and who knows, having a view of the sea???… Even on winter days when outdoor activities are limited, the resort's gym will always be ready and well-equipped for your morning workout. In a resort you will have the best of both worlds, you will be able to have the desired privacy inside your apartment and you will be able to live with several people from the four corners of the world in one space. Technical problems that may arise in your home can be immediately resolved by the resort's maintenance team, just a phone call to reception and everything will be resolved in no time. Finally, most resorts have privileged locations, either next to the beach or countryside, but always just a few minutes from city centers.

What do resorts offer??? Resorts are known for having much more on offer than a hotel, where you can spend pleasant days while treating your body and mind. Most resorts have a space dedicated to the body, with relaxation treatments, massages and aesthetics. Who wouldn't want to be two steps away from a spa with these services and special discounts for owning an apartment???… The spaces dedicated to the body are not limited to the spa. In the resorts you will find equipped gyms and even personal trainers with plans designed for each person. Group classes such as yoga, pilates or any other modality are in high demand, both by guests and owners. Because taking care of the body also means eating well, the resort has restaurants with varied cuisine and even bars where you can spend relaxed late afternoons enjoying a cocktail. Curious about apartments or homes for sale in Portuguese resorts??? Make your dream come true and live on permanent holidays throughout the year in one of the apartments or houses for sale in Portugal. Living in a resort is much more than having a house, it's a constant experience!!! Feel free to schedule a call on our calendar at your convenience if you are ready to take the plunge in resort living in Portugal!!!

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