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Retiring in Portugal???… What to consider!!!

First, establish what it is exactly you want to do with your retirement. It might be that you want to play golf regularly, or volunteer in your new community… You might want to take up a gardening project… You may want to travel throughout Europe… Whatever your goals might be, it’s a good idea to base your decision of where to live on these goals.

You might be hankering after a thriving expat community, or you might want to step back and find a more remote and peaceful area with lifelong locals. If it’s a certain type of lifestyle that you envision for your retirement, I advise you to figure out what exactly that is.

Leisure activities…

Portugal is a wonderland of leisure activities for retirees. If you love golf, look no further than the Algarve, with some of the best courses in Europe. If you’d rather sample the gastronomic delights of Portugal, consider Lisbon or Porto, with its burgeoning food and wine scene.

Want nothing more than to lounge on the beach by day and tuck into a fresh-from-the-ocean seafood dinner every night???… Portugal stretches more than 600 kilometers from north to south, with beaches along the whole way.

Tax benefits and NHR…

The Non-Habitual Residence (NHR) program is a very popular government program that gives generous tax benefits to expats in Portugal for a 10-year period.

Launched in 2009, the Portugal NHR program is designed to attract expats to Portugal. If you qualify for NHR status, you’re exempt from most taxes for 10 years on income earned abroad from pensions, investments like 401K’s; capital gains; rental income and additionally remote work.

Feel free to schedule a free consultation call at your convenience and let’s see where we can add value on your retirement to Portugal.

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