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Saint Peter & Saint Paul Festivals and Traditions in Portugal

Like St. John and St. Anthony, St. Peter is a highly esteemed popular saint. He is the last popular saint according to the dates.

This day is also known as St. Peter and St. Paul's Day. June 29 is believed to be the anniversary of the death of these saints. On the same day, Pope's Day is also celebrated, as Saint Peter was the first Pope of the Catholic Church.

The date is celebrated in the month of popular saints - June - and tradition dictates that the population celebrate the date by decorating the streets with various colors and basils.

Processions, balls and popular marches are organized in the streets and music is always present. In terms of gastronomy, grilled sardines, peppers, cornbread, caldo verde and wine are the main elements of the party.

Some cities celebrate the municipal holiday on Saint Peter's Day, such as: Póvoa de Varzim, Sintra, Montijo, Évora, Castro Verde, São Pedro do Sul, Seixal, Macedo de Cavaleiros, Ribeira Grande, Felgueiras and Bombarral.

So, to celebrate São Pedro with euphoria, these are the main destinations to visit.

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