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So how was your week???…

Hello everyone. Bom Dia alegria “How was your week and weekend… What did you do???"… Mine went like this… So last week we had friends who arrived from the US to visit for the week, who we have been in touch with them for over a year now, and finally are ready to move here as their home has now been sold and their journey to moving to Portugal can begin at this point. Their aim was to buy a countryside property in the Minho Region near the Village of Vila Nova de Cerveira but would also consider other surrounding villages… A month before their arrival, they forwarded a list of over 10 properties to view all listed by other brokers, varying considerably in characteristics as well as price range… As a REALTOR® BUYER REPRESENTATIVE , our aim is to offer a One-Stop service… So, before their arrival we located all 10 properties, segregated them into all the must haves; budget and most importantly locations, and contacted all the listing agents directly to confirm if the properties were still available and obtaining more detailed information, and we narrowed it down to 5 properties… We visited all 5 properties virtually the week before arriving, to further narrow down the decision beforehand saving time as they could only be in Portugal that week to make their decision, and we were left with 3 properties that a physical viewing and inspection was scheduled in advance for Monday afternoon… We met with our friends personally for the very first time on their arrival early Monday morning, although we felt like we already knew each other after over a year of many zoom calls of following up to see how the sale of their home in the US was going; answering several questions regarding Visa Process; Portuguese way of life; the buying process; the weather; the food and wine of course and so much more… Later in the morning we had already scheduled an appointment with our trusted solicitor to arrange for their NIF numbers; open a bank account and prepare a power of attorney with Notary just in case they could not be present in Portugal for the closing of their new home… And then we were off to lunch in a small bistro / coffee shop on the Minho River (“Remember you can invite me to eat anytime… Just don’t invite me to work!!!”… And then we were off to visit the 3 properties that we already had viewed virtually last week… Long story short… Our friends made an offer that same evening on their favorite property and it was accepted; home inspection was scheduled for the following day Tuesday afternoon (given the time restraint of short visit) and all the due diligence on property was done by our solicitor… By weeks end the exchange of contracts, otherwise known in Portugal as the “CPCV” (Contrato Promessa de Compra e Venda), was signed; down payment to transferred directly to property owner’s account (remember there is no escrow account or earnest deposit here) and official deed and closing already scheduled in 60 days… Learn more about the “CPCV” in the following post: After a busy 5 days our friends could return to the US knowing their home purchase is on it’s way; they can complete the sale of their existing home; start the “Passive Income Visa”, otherwise known as the D7 Visa Process to have legal residency status and start making plans of how they will enjoy spending their Golden Years traveling throughout Portugal and the rest of Europe as it has always been their dream. Remember… “We have friends and not clients!!!” Work with a REALTOR® to get started!!!... You’re about to embark on an exciting journey – moving to Portugal!!!!… There’s a lot of information on the internet, but it’s always best to check with reputable professionals, to ensure you’re making the right choices for your personal situation. If you need help with relocating to Portugal, our team of experts can help. Infinite Solutions specializes in assistance with residency and property investment in Portugal. Get in touch to schedule a free 30-minute consultation. We pride ourselves in being part of the decision of more than 500 families making Portugal their new home!!! Link to schedule call on Calendly:

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