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The Best 5 Beaches Near Lisbon

Your trip to Lisbon would not be complete if you do not spend at least a day exploring the beautiful Portuguese coastline.

If you are looking for some soft sandy beaches surrounded by the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic, keep reading as today I’m sharing the best 5 beaches near Lisbon.

Praia do Tamariz - Estoril...

Due to its close proximity to Estoril and numerous bars and restaurants, Praia do Tamariz has recently become one of the best and most popular beaches along the Lisbon coast.

If you are planning a family holiday, this is by far one of the best places to sunbathe, relax on the beach, swim or just play around.

The soft sand and the calm clean waters are so inviting that you might want to spend the entire day at the beach.

One of the most unique features of Praia do Tamariz is the 16th century castle, which was once owned by the royal family of Monaco.

Nowadays, it is a private property and it is not open for visitors, but it is a pretty spectacular sight attracting people from all over the world.

Praia da Figueirinha - Arrábida...

If you would like to admire some stunningly beautiful landscapes, you should definitely pay a visit to Praia da Figueirinha - Arrábida.

Stretching for approximately 1 km, the beach is nestled beneath the steep cliffs of the Arrabida Mountain.

Not only is the beach part of the protected area of the Arrabida Natural Park, but it is also one of the blue flag beaches in the country.

As you can imagine, the turquoise waters are crystal clear and the white sand is powdery soft.

The best part is that Praia da Figueirinha offers the opportunity for various activities as well. From kayaking to hiking there is a bit of everything for everyone.

Praia da Comporta - Alentejo...

One of the best beaches near Lisbon is perfect for all waters sports enthusiasts, who cannot wait to catch the waves.

The entire Comporta Region is known for its untouched coastline stretching for approximately 60 km of white sandy beaches.

Known as one of the more trendy beaches, Praia da Comporta will welcome you with its boho chic atmosphere and surf culture.

You may have to travel all the way to the Troia Peninsula to find the beach, but once you take the first glimpse of the white sand dunes contrasting to the deep blue colors of the water, you will know that it was worth it!

Praia da Comporta is not as popular as other beaches in the area, which means you will be able to fully enjoy the tranquility of this place without the massive tourist crowds.

Praia do Guincho - Cascais...

It is the dramatic scenery of large waves crashing into the rocky shore, that makes Praia do Guincho one of the best beaches near Lisbon.

Besides the high waves, visitors will also notice the continuous breeze from the Atlantic Ocean.

This combination, makes the conditions at the beach perfect for water sports activities, such as surfing and windsurfing. While, there are lifeguards on duty during the summer season, the beach is not very family-friendly as there are a lot of hidden currents, making it a bit dangerous for smaller children.

The 6-km-beach, however, is a fantastic choice if you are an adventure seekers, looking for a wild, rugged beach.

Praia de S. João - Costa da Caparica...

Located just 20 minutes away from Lisbon, Praia de S. João is one of the best beaches near Lisbon, in Costa da Caparica.

This beach is great for families and surfers due to its amazing waves.

It has several restaurants and beach bars along the beach as well as a big car park with many entrances, so traffic is not an issue.

The wide and long stretch of sand allows for a relaxing day on the beach, with space for everyone.

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