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Travel between Porto and Lisbon from 5.50 Euros

More than 30,000 Intercity trips are on promotion…

Up until December 13th, 2022, CP – Comboios de Portugal will offer around 30,000 trips (average of 3,300 trips/week), at discounted prices, to any destination on Intercity trains, in 2nd class.

As part of the new campaign, travel between Lisbon and Porto can be purchased from 5.50 euros.

For trips from Lisbon to Aveiro or Faro the price is 4.50 euros, while from Lisbon to Covilhã or Coimbra it is 4.00 euros. On the routes between Lisbon and Évora and Lisbon and Beja, trips are priced at 2.50 euros and 3.00 euros, respectively.

These tickets can be purchased at the Online Ticket Office, on the CP App and on other CP sales channels, at least 10 days before the date of travel, and are valid for travel between October 20th and December 22nd of 2022.

This initiative follows on from similar campaigns that the company has carried out since 2013, which have always registered strong public support.

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